The ninth volume of the 5-toubun no Hanayome series.


Starting his senior year, Fuutarou finds himself in the same class as the Nakano Quintuplets and gets appointed class representative with Yotsuba. While the nearly indistinguishable Nakano sisters cause a confusion amongst their classmates, Fuutarou finds himself confronted with another plot of Maruo Nakano.

Cover Illustration

The volume cover features Miku Nakano in a western-style wedding dress, with light-blue colored flower petals scattered in the background.

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  • The first chapter of the volume, Chapter 69, is about Nino's determination and Miku's failed bread cooking. The last chapter of the volume, Chapter 77, is about Nino's determination and Miku's successful bread cooking.
  • Volume 9 has Miku's hand emphasizing her personalized finger on her face (from Quintuplets Finger Game): Miku's middle finger is emphasized.


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