The seventh volume of the 5Toubun no Hanayome series.


Fuutarou and the quintuplets pull one's forces together and start afresh, facing the final examination, but Ichika is somewhat exhausted as an actress. After comprehending her effort, Fuutarou chooses to support her. Meanwhile, Itsuki has dinner with the quintuplets' father. She is told that all of them must pass the exam, otherwise they will force to transfer to Kyoto. To avert transferring, all the quintuplets work really hard on their studies. Eventually, all of them pass the exam - Ichika scores 240; Nino scores 209; Miku scores 238; Yotsuba scores 184; Itsuki scores 224 - while Fuutarou scores a "personal lowest" 459 points. However, Nino bumps into the quintuplets' father later on. While they are talking about the family's future, Fuutarou rides a motorcycle and snatches Nino from her father. On their way to the restaurant where they celebrate their qualifications, Nino holds Fuutarou tightly in both hands, confessing stealthily as Fuutarou can't hear her voice in the wind while riding his motorcycle.

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The volume cover features Ichika Nakano in a wedding dress.

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