The fifth volume of the 5Toubun no Hanayome series.


Because of the illness, Fuutarou is sent to hospital. In the hospital, he reminds the days he encountered the girl. At this moment, Itsuki is sitting near his bed. She asks him why he studies so hard. Without any doubts, it is the girl that makes Fuutarou study hard. At the weekend, Fuutarou chooses to make an appointment with Yotsuba after declining Ichika and Miku. However, they come across at the shopping centre. After sneaking away, Fuutarou and Yotsuba run across with Raiha as well as Itsuki. The two eventually go to a park, where they enjoy their moments. Soon, the final examination is about to come. Fuutarou wants to make sure all the quintuplets pass the exam. However, Nino and Itsuki have a quarrel about Fuutarou. As a result, Nino goes to the hotel, while Itsuki goes to Fuutarou's home. Fuutarou decides to let the two return to friendship, but ends in failure. While Fuutarou is anxious about the two, the girl in the photo appears.

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The volume cover features Yotsuba Nakano.

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