The fourth volume of the 5Toubun no Hanayome series.


The first day of the tour turns out that Fuutarou approaches closer to the quintuplets, especially for Miku, who wants to monopolize Fuutarou but has to follow the "Quintuplets Equal" rule. On the second day, Nino gets lost in the forest. Fuutarou comes to save her with blonde wig, which makes Nino mistakes for the child in the photo. As a result, Nino expresses her feeling to Fuutarou. After making the convention with Nino, Fuutarou helps Ichika to build a bonfire platform, but they are trapped in a cabin, where stores stumps for building the platform. During that time, Ichika is conscious of the affection to Fuutarou, but they are interrupted by Miku and Itsuki after being wetted by sprinkler devices. On the third day, Fuutarou falls ill and his illness gets worse as he insists skiing — he falls down on Itsuki's legs. Because of the legend of marriage, the quintuplets kneel beside Fuutarou's bed, holding his hand, hoping he will get better soon. This volume also hints that Fuutarou will eventually get married with one of the quintuplets, who is recognized as the girl Fuutarou encountered in his childhood.

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The volume cover features Miku Nakano.

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