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The second volume of the 5-toubun no Hanayome series. The English subtitle for Volume 2 is "Homework and Firework."[3]


Futaro Uesugi has started his well-paying job as tutor to the five sisters, but trouble has already raised its ugly head! After finding out that Miku loves the Showa era, things have been going quite well with her studies, but Nino continues to catch him off-guard, taking everything two steps back. Can Futaro manage to get back on her good side? What about summer fun? Will they ever sit down and study?!


After tutoring the Nakano Quintuplets for two days, Fuutarou receives his first paycheck. After reluctantly accepting it, Fuutarou uses the money to entertain his little sister, Raiha, who requests they use it to visit the arcade together. On their way home, they meet the other Nakano Quintuplets, who are about to visit the Autumn Fireworks Festival together. The seemingly happy occasion is disturbed when the sisters get scattered and Ichika goes missing.

Cover Illustration[]

The volume cover features Ichika Nakano in her student uniform, with yellow-colored flower petals scattered in the background.

Character Introduction[]

  • Ichika: Teases Fuutarou a lot.
  • Nino: Opposes Fuutarou out of her love for her sisters.
  • Miku: Finally gained confidence in herself thanks to Fuutarou.
  • Yotsuba: Has a very outgoing personality, so she cooperates with Fuutarou.
  • Itsuki: Fuutarou once refused her request that he teach her, and she holds a grudge about it.
  • Fuutarou: Tutoring the sisters to alleviate his family's debt, but because the girls will not study, he has to begin by building up trust between himself and each of them.
  • Raiha: Fuutarou's sister.

Chapter Titles[]

Extra Bonus Comics[]

The Quintuplets Can't Divide Their Weight Evenly

  • All of the Nakano Quintuplets' combined weight is 250 kg.
  • Itsuki comments that the number could be perfectly divided into 5, but the other sisters doubt it.


Special Illustration[]

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  • In the first chapter of Volume 2, one of the focus is a photo of the current Fuutarou and one Nakano sister. In the last chapter of Volume 2, Chapter 14, the focus is about a photo of younger Fuutarou and one Nakano sister.
  • The flower petals' color in the volume cover background represent the sisters' color scheme: Light yellow is for Ichika and Ichika's jacket.


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