The first volume of the 5Toubun no Hanayome series. The English subtitle for Volume 1 is "Five Times the Trouble".[1]


The main protagonist of the series, Fuutarou Uesugi, is a poor & anti-social top student. One day, he gets a job tutoring a rich family that's new to town. Fuutarou's soon-to-be students are revealed to be his new classmates, Itsuki Nakano, and her four quintuplet sisters. Despite the girls' poor first impression of Fuutarou, he tries seriously to do his job, only to find they have terrible grades and terribly complex personalities.

Cover Illustrations

The volume cover features all five quintuplets, including Itsuki Nakano, Yotsuba Nakano, Miku Nakano, Nino Nakano and Ichika Nakano.

Character Introduction

There is no character introduction in the Volume 1.

Chapter Titles

Extra Bonus Comics

The Quintuplets Can't Cut A Cake Into Fifth

  • The Nakano Quintuplets get a hold of a round cake, but they can't divide it into 5 Equal Parts :
    • Ichika's suggestion is considered a bad manner.
    • Yotsuba's opinion is not proper.
    • Itsuki tried to get the biggest piece.
  • They then divide it into 6 parts, the last one is for Fuutarou (with an added bonus of the strawberry).

Special Illustrations

Store Bonus Illustrations

There is no Store Bonus Illustration in Volume 1.

Story Arcs


  • In the first chapter of Volume 1, there is a scene of one of Nakano sister seeing a half-naked Fuutarou. In the last chapter of Volume 1, Chapter 5, Fuutarou sees a half-naked Nakano sister instead.
  • Volume 1 is the only volume not containing 9 chapters, this is because Chapter 1, 2, 3, and 4 are about two or three times longer than a regular chapter.
  • Volume 1 is the only volume to not include Character Introduction Page and Store Bonus Illustrations.


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