Uesugi Family is the household of Isanari Uesugi. They are living a poor life and currently in debt.[1] They reside in a small, run down apartment.[2] All of the Nakano Quintuplets knew the address of the house, while only Itsuki ever go inside.[3]


According to Raiha, Uesugi Family has a debt.[4]


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Fuutarou Uesugi

He is a top student who achieves excellent grades, but has a bland appearance, grumpy personality, sometimes rude attitude, and have no friends. Fuutarou is always serious and dedicated to his efforts, and occasionally pompous or mocking. He currently doesn't have an interest in dating.[5]

Raiha Uesugi

Fuutarou's cheerful younger sister; being the only female and the most family-conscious, she is effectively the head of the small household. She cooks for the family.[2] She is wise and thoughtful.[6] Her cute facial expressions will often sway others' hearts.[7]

Isanari Uesugi

A thrifty father.[2] He has blonde hair, it is unknown whether it's natural or not, and young appearance.[8] He is the one who usually jokes among the three, while both of Fuutarou & Raiha act as the straight man.[8][9]

Unnamed mother


CH32 Uesugi grandparents

Fuutarou's and Raiha's grandparents

Unnamed paternal grandparents

The parents of Isanari. The grandfather is very strict on his son. When their grandson, Fuutarou, turned 17, they would no longer give him New Year Money.[no citation] They are present at the wedding of Uesugi and Nakano.[10]

CH32 Uesugi maternal grandparents

Isanari's parents-in-law

Unnamed maternal grandparents

The parents-in-law of Isanari. They are present at the wedding of the Uesugi and Nakano. It is implied that Isanari has not seen them for a long time before the wedding.[10]





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