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The timeline is an in-universe timeline of events from the 5-toubun no Hanayome series.


Please note the following:

  • "~" indicates prediction. Actual/confirmed time and dates shown in the series will be written normally without "~".
  • Bolded date indicates official/exact date and explicitly shown in the manga.
  • Details in the manga's tankōbon release strongly suggest that the series began from the canonical year of 2018; however, the dates from Chapter 38 onward correlates with 2017, which becomes 2018 again after New year in Chapter 51.


Time Date Events Notes
~17 years April 15, 2000[1] Fuutarou Uesugi was born.
~17 years May 5, 2000[2] The Nakano Quintuplets were born.
~11-12 years Fuutarou's and Raiha's mother passed away.[3] Fuutarou is 6 years old.[4]
~5 years June, 2012 Elementary School Kyoto Trip[5] Quintuplets Flashback Arc

Young Nakano's meeting with Fuutarou.

~5 years August 14, 2012[6] Rena Nakano passed away.
~3 months ~April-July Nakano Quintuplets transferred to Asahiyama High School after summer is over.[7][8] 1st Semester[9], 2nd Year, Kurobara High


Second Year High School[]

In Chapter 7, a radio broadcast reveals the date to be Sunday, September 30.

Time Date Ch Events Notes
Month 0 ~Early September 1 Fuutarou meets the Nakano Quintuplets. Nakano Quintuplets Arc

2nd Semester[9], 2nd Year, Asahiyama High

~Early September 2 Fuutarou becomes the quints' tutor.
September 11[10] 3 Fuutarou borrows some history book from library.
September 18[10] 4 Fuutarou returns the history books to library.
Month 1 September 30[11] 7 Fuutarou and the quints watch fireworks at the festival together. Fireworks Festival Arc
~Early October[12] 13 Yotsuba finished helping the Basketball Club for a tournament.[13]
~Early October 14 Nino found out about Fuutarou's old photo. Second Year Midterm Exam Arc
October 18[14] 19 Midterm exam.
Month 2 ~Late October 22 Fuutarou and the quints prepare for the camping trip. Raiha is sick. School Camping Trip Arc
Early November[15] 23 Camping Trip Day 1: Journey and Arrival.
~Early November 25 Camping Trip Day 2: Test of Courage.
~Early November 29 Camping Trip Day 3: Ski and Bonfire.
Month 3 ~Early November 30 The quints comments that it has been around 3 months since Fuutarou began tutoring them.[16]
~Early November 32 Fuutarou's fingers are held by the Nakano Quintuplets during the bonfire.
~Mid November 33 Fuutarou is hospitalized. Fuutarou's Flashback Arc
Thursday, November 23 36 Fuutarou and Yotsuba celebrate Labor Thanksgiving Day. Labor Thanksgiving Arc
Friday, November 24 38 Fuutarou, Miku, and Ichika play with Kiku.

Miku confesses her love to Fuutarou for the first time.

Seven Goodbyes Arc
Saturday, November 25 39 Nakano Quintuplets' internal strife started.
Sunday, November 26 40 Itsuki and Nino run away from home, either in the morning or the night before.

Miku calls Fuutarou over and informs him about the situation.

Around morning to evening, Yotsuba gives Itsuki her school bag before going to the track team.

Miku and Fuutarou discover Nino's whereabouts around the evening.

Fuutarou finds Itsuki at his house.

41 Fuutarou and Itsuki go outside for a walk at night.
Wednesday, November 29 42 Fuutarou meets Rena.
43 Fuutarou takes a bath in Nino's hotel room.
Thursday, November 30 43 Fuutarou goes to Nino's hotel room.

At night, Fuutarou sees Nino again as Kintarou.

Friday, December 1 45 Fuutarou goes to school but can't find Nino.

Fuutarou attempts to stop Yotsuba from practicing with the track club.

Yotsuba is informed of a weekend training camp.

Saturday, December 2 47 Miku persuades Nino to return home.

Fuutarou and Itsuki try to resign Yotsuba from the track club.

Nino helps Yotsuba resign from the track club.

48 Itsuki and Nino return home and reconcile.

The quintuplets and Fuutarou study for the exam.

Monday, December 3 49 Day of the exam.

Fuutarou quits as the quints' tutor.

Saturday, December 9 50 Ebata's fake application form.
Month 4 Sunday, December 17[17] 49 Yotsuba's track team competition.[17]
Friday, December 22[17] 49 School Closing Ceremony.[17]
~Before December 24[17] 49 Nakano Quintuplets move to their new home. The Emperor's Birthday holiday on Saturday, December 23.
Sunday, December 24[18] 50 Christmas Eve. Fuutarou becomes the quints' tutor once again.
December 31 51 New Year's Eve. Fuutarou and the quints visit the shrine. New Residence Arc
Month 5 January 1[19] 52 Fuutarou starts the group study.
~ Early January 54 Yotsuba declares to her father that she and the sisters will succeed the exams. Second Year Last Exam Arc
January 14[6] 57 Itsuki visits her mother's grave (monthly at every 14th) and meets Shimoda.
January - February[20] 55 Nino teaches Miku how to make chocolate.
Month 6 February 14[21] 55 Itsuki visits her mother's grave (monthly at every 14th) and meets Fuutarou.

Fuutarou eats Miku's valentine's choco and praises it.

~Late February[22] 56 Fuutarou takes the quints to an amusement park.
~Late February[23] 57 New method of group study: everyone teaches each other.
Month 7 ~Early March[24] 55 Term-end exam starts.
~Mid March 59 Term-end exam's results are out. Everyone passes.
~Mid March[25] 60 Nino confesses to Fuutarou. Scrambled Eggs Arc
~Late March[9] 61 Spring Vacation starts, Fuutarou and the quints visit a hotspring.
Month 7 ~Late March 66 The quints remark that they and Fuutarou have known each other for around half a year.[26]
~Early April 68 Fuutarou is kissed by one of the quints under the Bell Tower.

Third Year High School[]

Time Date Ch Events Notes
Month 8 ~Early April[9] 69 Fuutarou and the Nakano Quintuplets are assigned to the same class, Class 3-1. New Class Arc
~Early April 74 Ichika disguises herself as Miku and confesses to Fuutarou, while also claiming that Miku supports their relationship.
April 15[27] 75 Fuutarou's birthday. Fuutarou's Birthday Arc
~Late April 77 National Mock Exam & the quints give their presents to Fuutarou.
Month 9 ~Late April - Early May 78 Fuutarou and the quints are in different group for the school trip. Kyoto Trip Arc
~Mid May[28] 79 Fuutarou, Yotsuba, & Itsuki go shopping for the trip.

Second encounter with Rena.

Month 10 ~Mid May - June 80 The 3-days field trip in Kyoto begins.

Miku and Yotsuba encounter a disguised Ichika at the summit

81 A stalker is taking picture of Nino, Yotsuba, and Itsuki.
82 The next day, Yotsuba, Itsuki, and Fuutarou tour Kiyomizudera.
83 The next day, Fuutarou meets Miku at Kyoto Studio Park, much to both of their confusion.
84 Miku confesses to Fuutarou for the second time.
86 Kyoto trip ends and a meeting with Rena for the third time at the lake.
Month 11 ~Late July to Early August[12] 91 Fuutarou and Raiha go to the beach and play with Fuutarou's classmates

The Nakano Quintuplets move back (temporarily) to their old apartment

Summer Vacation Arc
92 Fuutarou and the Nakano Quintuplets go to a water park
Month 12 ~Mid August to Early September[12] 93 Fuutarou and Nino visit an injured Manager at Maruo's Hospital

The Nakano Quintuplets visit their mother's grave.

Grave visit on August 14, 2018
94 Ichika decides to quit school.
Month 13 95 Fuutarou and Miku convince Ichika to graduate together, but Ichika still takes a break from school. 2nd Semester of their 3rd year begins


Time Date Ch Events Notes
~Year 3 The quintuplets took a photo with their grandfather. He fell ill and died some time later.
~Year 5 ~April/May The Binding Legend Day 2000, Fuutarou Uesugi marries the Bride, one of the Nakano Quintuplets. Wedding Ceremony



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