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― {{{speaker}}}[ [src]]

About this template

This template is intended to be used by contributors of the 5Toubun no Hanayome Wiki who wish to add a quote to an article.



  1. Copy and paste the template code in designated Quote sections or subpages
  2. Fill in the specifications


  • Quote - The quote itself; don't worry about putting quotation marks over it - that's done automatically.
  • Speaker - The person saying the quote; if you would like to link this, put [[brackets]] around it.
    • Note: This particular template is meant only for ONE speaker; multiple speakers require the {{Dialogue}} template!
  • Source - What media the speaker spoke the quote in (movie, short, TV episode, game, book, etc.); the template automatically turns it into an italicized link.

Other notes

  • This is only meant for ONE speaker; if the quote you want to add involves more than one speaker, then you need to use the {{Dialogue}} template.
  • Place multiple quotes at least two spaces apart. This is to make it easier to read.

Template code


General information

Why use it?

  • Lists well-known quotes of a character or in talking about a particular subject, thereby allowing insight
  • Quick and easy formatting

When to use it

Use this template when an article:

  • Has a quote section/subpage and is in need of a quote
  • Any other reason as specified by an administrator