{{{1}}} ({{{2}}}, {{{3}}}?. lit. "{{{lit}}}"; English: "{{{eng}}}")

This template is used for adding Japanese text to articles. This template should only be used for official names and terms on articles to mark them as non-fanmade.


This template is used to provide the term/name in the original language in the case that the English translation is questioned, as well as to provide the pronunciation of the term/name in the Japanese language.


{{Nihongo|<Official Name>|<Japanese>|<Romaji>|<Literal Meaning>|<English Translation, if different>}}

Parameters Explained

Parameter name Parameter purpose
1 Official Name
2 Japanese
3 Romaji
lit Literal meaning
eng Official translation, if different from the official given name
br Line Break effect. The only input is "yes".


In case a furigana needs to be added to a text, use {{Ruby||}} template, specifically in the 2nd parameter, where the Japanese name is input. The first parameter is for base text, and the second is for furigana.


Becomes Arimura (有村, Arimura?)
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