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Takebayashi (竹林たけばやし, Takebayashi?) is a childhood classmate of Fuutarou Uesugi. She was a class representative at the time of the Kyoto trip, along with Sanada.


Young Takebayashi had black shoulder-length hair that had a pin holding up her hair on the left side of her head and bangs swept to the left side. She wore a plaid shirt with rolled-up sleeves and long pants during the Kyoto trip.

In the present, she now has long hair up to the waist with bangs swept to the right side and she still has the pin from her elementary school days. She wears a white blouse with long sleeves and long, black pants..


During the flashback, Takebayashi was portrayed as a responsible girl, acting as the class representative of her class alongside Sanada, her childhood friend. Always upbeat and wanted to have fun as well, despite being the one to keep everyone in check. She also wants to include everyone in activities, as seen from her wish to include Sanada into the playing with Fuutarou Uesugi and the rest and worrying for Fuutaro when he stayed behind to go to the bathroom for a long time.

In the present, she seems to remain the same attitude she had with Fuutaro. She seems to have gained a bit of a teaser personality, as seen from her declaring that it was clear who was closer to Fuutaro between the quints and her, or how she teased Fuutaro over his changed looks and not remembering her despite being so close in the past. She still worried about the people she cares about, seen how glad she was that Fuutaro was able to grow out from his insecurities from the past, and seems to have a soft spot for the "girl from Kyoto" who managed to change Fuutaro to be a better person. She also seems to be extremely perceptive, as she realized the "friends" Fuutaro had were the "quadruplets" she had once met in Kyoto and she may have realized they are into him, and that she was able to deduce that Yotsuba Nakano was the "girl from Kyoto" from the information she was given.