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The Summer Vacation Arc is the fifteenth story arc in 5-toubun no Hanayome series. This arc tells about Fuutarou and the Nakano Quintuplets spending their day during the Summer Vacation. Summer Vacation Arc is covered in Volume 11. It is adapted into the 2022 movie as opposed to a third season.


  • Start of the Arc: summer vacation starts. (Chapter 91)
  • End of the Arc: summer vacation ends. (Chapter 95)


Summer is here, and the quintuplets are somehow back at their old apartment. Fuutarou admittedly missed the girls, and they meet up much to his contentment. A girl decides to move on with her life, and separation is imminent.


It’s summer, things are not looking good for the Nakano quintuplets, the manager of Revival gets into a motorcycle accident and has to close the shop. The quintuplets are forced to move back in their old apartment at the Pentagon, Fuutarou invites the quintuplets to go out to the pool with him, there Itsuki tries her hardest to have Fuutarou away from her sisters as much as possible.

While visiting the manager, Fuutarou notices that Nino is acting rather cold to him and that she’s using a technique from his dating guidebook, Fuutarou gives Nino a flower bouquet for the anniversary of her mother’s death; There the quintuplets find out that Ichika is no longer going to attend school starting with the 2nd semester, with everyone except Nino supporting her decision, Fuutarou is told of Ichika’s decision and that he will no longer be her tutor, later trying to convince Ichika into becoming her tutor once more and ending up failing.

With the Summer vacation ending and the entrance exams approaching, Fuutarou becomes Ichika’s tutor once more by recruiting her in his independent film.

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