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Nakano Quintuplets Character Arc

The following is a list of the arc names, a description of each arc's plot, and the chapters/episodes they include.

Note: Most sagas and story arcs (naming and categorization) are not official names. They are made by the community to help organize the series.

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5-toubun no Hanayome is a narrative-driven series. The main plotline of the story can be categorized/divided into several arcs. Each arc focuses on a single important event happening in a specific time frame. To see why the arcs are categorized as such, head to each arc's specific page.

5-toubun no Hanayome's storyline is divided into two major parts, the Second Year Saga and the Third Year Saga.

Second Year Saga

The Second Year Saga is the first saga of the series. The saga covers the main character's time and activities in their Second Year of High School. The Second Year Saga focuses mainly on the Nakano Quintuplets relationship with Fuutarou and their budding romantic feelings toward him.

Nakano Quintuplets Arc

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Nakano Quintuplets Arc

The main protagonist of the series, Fuutarou Uesugi, is a poor & anti-social top student. One day, he gets a job tutoring a rich family that’s new to town. Fuutarou's soon-to-be students are revealed to be his new classmates, Itsuki Nakano, and her four quintuplet sisters. Despite the girls' poor first impression of Fuutarou, he tries seriously to do his job, only to find they have terrible grades and terribly complex personalities.

Manga Anime
Volume 1, 2 Episode 1, 2, 3
Number of Chapters 6 Number of Episodes 3
  1. Chapter 1: The Five-Part Bride
  2. Chapter 2: Home Visit
  3. Chapter 3: Rooftop Confession
  4. Chapter 4: 100 Point Combined
  5. Chapter 5: The Problems Keep Piling Up
  6. Chapter 6: Open the Door
  1. Episode 1: The Five-Part Bride
  2. Episode 2: Confession on the Rooftop
  3. Episode 3: Plenty of Problems

Fireworks Festival Arc

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Fireworks Festival Arc

After tutoring the Nakano Quintuplets for two days, Fuutarou receives his first paycheck. After reluctantly accepting it, Fuutarou uses the money to entertain his little sister, Raiha, who requests they use it to visit the arcade together. On their way home, they meet the other Nakano Quintuplets, who are about to visit the Autumn Fireworks Festival together. The seemingly happy occasion is disturbed when the sisters get scattered and Ichika goes missing.

Manga Anime
Volume 2 Episode 4, 5
Number of Chapters 7 Number of Episodes 2
  1. Chapter 7: Our Day Off ①
  2. Chapter 8: Our Day Off ②
  3. Chapter 9: Our Day Off ③
  4. Chapter 10: Our Day Off ④
  5. Chapter 11: Our Day Off ⑤
  6. Chapter 12: Our Day Off ⑥
  7. Chapter 13: The Amiable Pushover
  1. Episode 4: Today’s a Day Off
  2. Episode 5: Everyone Divided in Five

Second Year Midterm Exam Arc

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Second Year Midterm Exam Arc

Fuutarou’s tutoring job is not going well. Nino and Itsuki are still unwilling to join the study session, and the midterm exam is coming soon. Papa Nakano decides to test Fuutarou's qualification as a tutor. If the quintuplets get a failing grade, Fuutarou has to stop being their private tutor.

Manga Anime
Volume 2, 3 Episode 6, 7, 8
Number of Chapters 8 Number of Episodes 3
  1. Chapter 14: The Picture That Started It All
  2. Chapter 15: What They Have Accumulated
  3. Chapter 16: Stubborn
  4. Chapter 17: The Night Study Group
  5. Chapter 18: Fuutarou the Lying Liar
  6. Chapter 19: The Death Road of Panic
  7. Chapter 20: The Midterms
  8. Chapter 21: The Magic Spell
  1. Episode 6: What They Have Accumulated
  2. Episode 7: Fuutarou the Lying Liar
  3. Episode 8: The Picture That Started It All

School Camping Trip Arc

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School Camping Trip Arc

Fuutarou and the Nakano Quintuplets go on a school camping trip, which has a notorious legend involving the bonfire dance in the last day. Fuutarou, who has to prepare the Test of Courage, doesn't take the legend seriously; on the other hand, the Nakano sisters believe the legend and try to become Fuutarou’s dance partner. The day before the trip, Raiha gets sick.

Manga Anime
Volume 3, 4 Episode 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Number of Chapters 11 Number of Episodes 5
  1. Chapter 22: The Binding Legend
  2. Chapter 23: The Sextet's School Camping Trip
  3. Chapter 24: The Binding Legend: First Day
  4. Chapter 25: The Binding Legend: Day 2 ①
  5. Chapter 26: The Binding Legend: Day 2 ②
  6. Chapter 27: The Binding Legend: Day 2 ③
  7. Chapter 28: The Binding Legend: Day 2 ④
  8. Chapter 29: The Binding Legend: Day 3 ①
  9. Chapter 30: The Binding Legend: Day 3 ②
  10. Chapter 31: The Binding Legend: Day 3 ③
  11. Chapter 32: The Binding Legend: Day 2000
  1. Episode 8: The Picture That Started It All
  2. Episode 9: The Binding Legend: Day 1
  3. Episode 10: The Binding Legend: Day 2
  4. Episode 11: The Binding Legend: Day 3
  5. Episode 12: The Binding Legend: Day 2000

Fuutarou's Flashback Arc

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Fuutarou's Flashback Arc

Fuutarou is hospitalized. When the sisters visit him, they find his condition is getting better. Itsuki is curious about why Fuutarou studies so hard, so he tells her a story about a young girl from 5 years ago. Strangely enough, Itsuki owns an item similar to the one in the story, which she obtained from the same place and time frame. 

Manga Anime
Volume 5 Episode
Number of Chapters 3 Number of Episodes
  1. Chapter 33: The Hospital Encounter
  2. Chapter 34: Today and Kyoto's Tough Luck and Togetherness
  3. Chapter 35: Detective Fuutarou and the Five Suspects

Labor Thanksgiving Arc

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Labor Thanksgiving Arc

Raiha urges Fuutarou to show his gratitude towards Yotsuba for all the help he received during the school trip. Despite his reluctance, he still asks Yotsuba what kind of gift she would like. Unable to answer, Yotsuba takes Fuutarou to various places her sisters like to go. At the end of the day, Yotsuba is still unsure what she really wants.

Manga Anime
Volume 5 Episode
Number of Chapters 2 Number of Episodes
  1. Chapter 36: Labor Thanksgiving Tour 1
  2. Chapter 37: Labor Thanksgiving Tour 2

Seven Goodbyes Arc

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Seven Goodbyes Arc

Despite the upcoming exam, Nino still has trouble following Fuutarou's study session, even trying to avoid it. One day, Nino lashes out and gets into a huge fight with her sisters, resulting in both her and Itsuki leaving the apartment. Then, there’s Yotsuba, who is still shackled by the school's track team.

Manga Anime
Volume 5, 6 Episode
Number of Chapters 13 Number of Episodes
  1. Chapter 38: The Living Room Confession
  2. Chapter 39: The Seven Goodbyes ①
  3. Chapter 40: The Seven Goodbyes ②
  4. Chapter 41: The Seven Goodbyes ③
  5. Chapter 42: The Seven Goodbyes ④
  6. Chapter 43: The Seven Goodbyes ⑤
  7. Chapter 44: The Seven Goodbyes ⑥
  8. Chapter 45: The Seven Goodbyes ⑦
  9. Chapter 46: The Seven Goodbyes ⑧
  10. Chapter 47: The Seven Goodbyes ⑨
  11. Chapter 48: The Seven Goodbyes ⑩
  12. Chapter 49: The Seven Goodbyes ⑪
  13. Chapter 50: The Seven Goodbyes ⑫

New Residence Arc

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New Residence Arc

With newfound resolve, the Nakano sisters move out of their penthouse and rent a small apartment. They are currently only supported by Ichika. Some of the sisters feel uncomfortable with their new lifestyle but still insist on living there. They also consider taking part-time jobs to ease the eldest sister's burden.

Manga Anime
Volume 7 Episode
Number of Chapters 3 Number of Episodes
  1. Chapter 51: First Spring
  2. Chapter 52: Good Work Today 1
  3. Chapter 53: Good Work Today 2

Second Year Last Exam Arc

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Second Year Last Exam Arc

Papa Nakano gives the girls an ultimatum: if they fail the exam, he will transfer them to another school. He also states that he hates Fuutarou. Yotsuba, the one most likely to fail, convinces Papa to believe in her and the sisters. Every Nakano sister has different goals to achieve with this exam, not just Yotsuba.

Manga Anime
Volume 7 Episode
Number of Chapters 6 Number of Episodes
  1. Chapter 54: Fool's Battle
  2. Chapter 55: The Last Exam - Miku’s Side
  3. Chapter 56: The Last Exam - Yotsuba's Side
  4. Chapter 57: The Last Exam - Itsuki's Side
  5. Chapter 58: The Last Exam - Ichika's Side
  6. Chapter 59: The Last Exam - Nino's Side

Scrambled Eggs Arc

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Scrambled Eggs Arc

After managing to win a pair of lottery tickets to a hot spring resort, the Uesugi Family meets up with the Nakano Family. During the trip, Fuutarou discovers that one of the Quintuplets wants to end their relationship with him. Fuutarou then tries to discover the identity of this Quintuplet, and the mystery behind the sisters dressing up as Itsuki.

Manga Anime
Volume 8 Episode
Number of Chapters 9 Number of Episodes
  1. Chapter 60: The Conquest Begins
  2. Chapter 61: Scrambled Eggs ①
  3. Chapter 62: Scrambled Eggs ②
  4. Chapter 63: Scrambled Eggs ③
  5. Chapter 64: Scrambled Eggs ④
  6. Chapter 65: Scrambled Eggs ⑤
  7. Chapter 66: Scrambled Eggs ⑥
  8. Chapter 67: Scrambled Eggs ⑦
  9. Chapter 68: Scrambled Eggs ⑧

Third Year Saga

The Third Year Saga is the second and last saga of the series. The saga tells the main characters' time and activities in their Third Year of High School. The story focuses mainly on Fuutarou and the future bride's relationship[1].

New Class Arc

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New Class Arc

Starting his senior year, Fuutarou finds himself in the same class as the Nakano Quintuplets and gets appointed class representative with Yotsuba. While the nearly indistinguishable Nakano sisters cause a confusion amongst their classmates, Fuutarou finds himself confronted with another plot of Maruo Nakano.

Manga Anime
Volume 9 Episode
Number of Chapters 6 Number of Episodes
  1. Chapter 69: Welcome to Class 3-1
  2. Chapter 70: The Responsibilities of the Class Representative
  3. Chapter 71: Advantage
  4. Chapter 72: The Rumour About the Class Reps
  5. Chapter 73: New Kawanakajima
  6. Chapter 74: Curveball Showdown

Fuutarou's Birthday Arc

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Fuutarou's Birthday Arc

Fuutarou's birthday is coming soon, and the Nakano Quintuplets plan to celebrate it, right after the National Mock Exam. Fuutarou's future as the sisters' tutor depends on the exam result.

Manga Anime
Volume 9 Episode
Number of Chapters 3 Number of Episodes
  1. Chapter 75: The Five Cranes Show their Gratitude
  2. Chapter 76: A Battle Amongst Men
  3. Chapter 77: A Battle Amongst Women

Kyoto Trip Arc

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Kyoto Trip Arc

The school trip is upon the Nakano Quintuplets, who want to use this occasion/chance to deepen their relationship with Fuutarou. As the girls scheme and fight one another, Itsuki struggles to reveal Fuutarou the truth and Yotsuba gets caught in the crossfire of a stormy school trip.

Manga Anime
Volume 10 Episode
Number of Chapters 9 Number of Episodes
  1. Chapter 78: Sisters' War - First Battle
  2. Chapter 79: Sisters' War - Second Battle
  3. Chapter 80: Sisters' War - Third Battle
  4. Chapter 81: Sisters' War - Fourth Battle
  5. Chapter 82: Sisters' War - Fifth Battle
  6. Chapter 83: Sisters' War - Sixth Battle
  7. Chapter 84: Sisters' War - Seventh Battle
  8. Chapter 85: Sisters' War - Seventh Battle (Back Side)
  9. Chapter 86: Sisters' War - Final Battle

Quintuplets Flashback Arc

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Quintuplets Flashback Arc

Six years ago when the quintuplets were identical, one of them is about to change. An incident in Kyoto led her to meet Fuutarou and changed both of them, desiring to become 'necessary' to someone. Both parted ways and lived their lives until their eventual meeting 6 years later.

Manga Anime
Volume 11 Episode
Number of Chapters 4 Number of Episodes
  1. Chapter 87: My Sisters and I ①
  2. Chapter 88: A Certain Boy and I ①
  3. Chapter 89: My Sisters and I ②
  4. Chapter 90: A Certain Boy and I ②

Summer Vacation Arc

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Summer Vacation Arc

Summer is here, and the quintuplets are somehow back at their old apartment. Fuutarou admittedly missed the girls, and they meet up much to his contentment. A girl decides to move on with her life, and separation is imminent.

Manga Anime
Volume 11 Episode
Number of Chapters 5 Number of Episodes
  1. Chapter 91: Coincidence-Free Summer Break
  2. Chapter 92: A Secret Mark
  3. Chapter 93: Tsun-dere-tsun
  4. Chapter 94: Branching Moment ①
  5. Chapter 95: Branching Moment ②

School Festival Arc

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School Festival Arc

It's the crucial time of their high school year. Academic and youth, entrance exam and school festival, go side-by-side. "It will be the best festival ever!", Fuutarou declared. And with that, begins the last event of their year.

Manga Anime
Volume 12, 13, 14 Episode
Number of Chapters 19 Number of Episodes
  1. Chapter 96: The Ordinary Days Continue
  2. Chapter 97: The Ordinary Days Start Changing
  3. Chapter 98: The Ordinary Days Come to an End
  4. Chapter 99: The Sunrise Festival: Day 1
  5. Chapter 100: The Sunrise Festival: Day 2
  6. Chapter 101: The Last Festival Ichika Side 1
  7. Chapter 102: The Last Festival Ichika Side 2
  8. Chapter 103: The Last Festival Nino Side 1
  9. Chapter 104: The Last Festival Nino Side 2
  10. Chapter 105: The Last Festival Miku Side 1
  11. Chapter 106: The Last Festival Miku Side 2
  12. Chapter 107: The Last Festival Yotsuba Side 1
  13. Chapter 108: The Last Festival Yotsuba Side 2
  14. Chapter 109: The Last Festival Itsuki Side 1
  15. Chapter 110: The Last Festival Itsuki Side 2
  16. Chapter 111: The Last Festival Itsuki Side 3
  17. Chapter 112: The Last Festival Quintuplets Side
  18. Chapter 113: The Last Festival Fuutarou Side
  19. Chapter 114: The Last Festival Fuutarou Side 2

Quintuplets's World Arc

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Quintuplets's World Arc
Manga Anime
Volume 14 Episode
Number of Chapters Number of Episodes
  1. Chapter 115: The Five's Morning
  2. Chapter 116: Five Hours, One Room
  3. Chapter 117: Five-Alarm Confusion Lunch


  • So far, Labor Thanksgiving Arc is the shortest story arc whereas the School Festival Arc is the longest story arc of the series.


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