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Rena Nakano[]

Even as a delinquent, Shimoda admired Rena as a teacher and fell in love with her. Shimoda would later become a teacher just like Rena. After Rena had passed away, Shimoda would even go to her grave in order to pay her respects.

Itsuki Nakano[]

Shimoda first met Itsuki when the two coincidentally visited Rena Nakano's grave on the same day, even briefly mistaking Itsuki for her teacher due to their resemblance. In Revival, Shimoda treats Itsuki as they exchange contact address and promise to keep intouch. Later, Itsuki is seen working part-time job with Shimoda.

Revival's manager[]

Shimoda knows the shop's manager that she labels him as a creepy guy. However, she praises the cake.[1]


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