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Shimoda (下田しもだ, Shimoda?) is a former student of Rena Nakano (the Nakano Quintuplets' mother) during her 2nd year of senior high school and she is currently a cram school lecturer. She is first seen encountering Itsuki Nakano while visiting the Nakano Family Grave.


Young Shimoda

Young Shimoda

Shimoda is a young woman with neck-length black hair that has bangs swept to the left side, blue-gray eyes and a mole under her right eye. When she was a student, she once had chest-length blonde hair.

When Shimoda encounters Itsuki Nakano at the Nakano Family Grave, Shimoda is seen wearing a black suit with a white button up shirt, no tie and black shoes.


Shimoda was inspired to become a teacher by Rena Nakano, and upon meeting her daughter Itsuki Nakano, decides to mentor her so she can pursue that dream herself.

Despite being serious most of the time, she's prone to outbursts sometimes, like when she angrily complained about the bill after she treated Itsuki. She also tends to get rather excited when talking about the romance dramas she watches on TV.


Shimoda works as a lecturer at a cram school because she is inspired by Rena Nakano.[1]


  • The name Shimoda means "under, below" (下) (shimo) and "field, rice paddy" (下田) (ta/da), which literally means "lower rice paddy" altogether.


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