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Black warning This article contains spoilers from the manga that has not been shown in the anime. Please continue reading at your own risks.

The Seven Goodbyes Arc (also known as 7 Goodbyes Arc) is the seventh story arc in 5-toubun no Hanayome series. The arc describes the falling out between the Nakano Quintuplets and their problems despite the upcoming exam.

Seven Goodbyes Arc is covered in Volume 5 and Volume 6.


  • Start of the arc: Fuutarou begins his study group again with the Nakano Quintuplets (Chapter 38)
  • End of the arc: Fuutarou becomes the Nakano Quintuplets' tutor once again (Chapter 50)


Despite the upcoming exam, Nino still has trouble following Fuutarou's study session, even trying to avoid it. One day, Nino lashes out and gets into a huge fight with her sisters, resulting in both her and Itsuki leaving the apartment. Then, there's Yotsuba, who is still shackled by the school's track team.


Fuutarou asks the Nakano Quintuplets to prepare for exam, but it backfire, and made them have a falling out between each other.

Exams Preparation (Chapter 38)[]

Falling Out (Chapter 39 - 41)[]

The End and The Start (Chapter 42 - 47)[]

Exams and Conclusion (Chapter 48 - 50)[]

Story Impact[]

  • Some Nakano Quintuplets are once again reluctant to study.[1]
  • Itsuki slaps Nino and ask her to apologize to Fuutarou.[2]
  • Both Nino and Itsuki ran away from home.[3]
  • The Nakano Quintuplets live in poverty a few years ago.[4]
  • Mama Nakano ruined her health due to raising the quintuplets and had to be hospitalized.[4]
  • Fuutarou's reason to study is to become someone that somebody would need someday.[4]
  • The girl from Fuutarou's past appears in front of Fuutarou.[4]
  • Fuutarou tells Nino about Rena and the story about them.[5]
  • Nino found out that Kintarou is Fuutarou.[6]
  • Yotsuba is still tied with helping the Track Club, but she plans to quit.[7]
  • Due to Miku's words, Nino starts to let go of the past.[8]
  • Nino and Itsuki reconcile. Yotsuba quits Track and Field Club.[9]
  • The Nakano Quintuplets all accept Fuutarou as their tutor.[10]
  • Fuutarou quits being the sisters' tutor and left them farewell messages.[11]
  • Nakano Quintuplets now live in a small apartment and Fuutarou becomes their tutor once again.[12]
  • Fuutarou loses Rena's charm.[12]


  • So far, this is the longest arc in the entire series.
  • Seven Goodbyes focuses on the 7 individuals (Nakano Quintuplets, Rena, and Fuutarou) and 7 farewell:
    1. Rena to Fuutarou
    2. Nino to her past
    3. Nino to Kintarou
    4. Yotsuba to the track team
    5. Fuutarou to his job
    6. Fuutarou to Rena
    7. The Nakano Quintuplets to their home.


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