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Black warning This article contains spoilers from the manga that has not been shown in the anime. Please continue reading at your own risks.

The Second Year Last Exam Arc (also referred as the Last Exam Arc) is the ninth story arc in 5-toubun no Hanayome series. This arc follows the main characters overcoming the last exam for their second year.

Second Year Last Exam Arc is covered in the latter half of Volume 7.


  • Start of the arc: Nakano Quintuplets declares that they will succeed the exams (Chapter 54)
  • End of the arc: Nakano Quintuplets pass their exams (Chapter 59)


Papa Nakano gives the girls an ultimatum: if they fail the exam, he will transfer them to another school. He also states that he hates Fuutarou. Yotsuba, the one most likely to fail, convinces Papa to believe in her and the sisters. Every Nakano sister has different goals to achieve with this exam, not just Yotsuba.


Papa Nakano gives the girls an ultimatum about their academic life, and the Nakano Quintuplets try to overcome their last exam of Second Year High School.

The Declaration (Chapter 54)[]

Last Exam and the Results (Chapter 55 - 59)[]

Story Impact[]

  • Fuutarou discovers that the doctor who treated him in the hospital is Nakano Quintuplets' father.[1]
  • Papa Nakano gives the sisters ultimatum, if they fail the exam, he will transfer them to another school.[2]
  • Miku's goal is to pass the exam and score the highest, so she can "graduate" from being Fuutarou's student and confess to him.[3]
  • While they are at Nagaoka Resortland, Yotsuba reveals she failed her First Year and flunked out, but all of her sisters willingly transfer school with her.[4] Yotsuba's goal is to pass the exam and to stop holding her sisters back.[5]
  • Itsuki's goal is to pass the exam and overcoming one important step for her dream.[6]
  • Itsuki aspires to become a teacher.[7]
  • Mama Nakano passed away on August 14 five years ago.[8]
  • Ichika's goal is to pass the exam and getting the highest score.[9]
  • Ichika scores higher than Miku, thus delaying Miku's planned confession.[10]
  • Nino's goal is to pass the exam and assuring herself to forget Kintarou and/or her affection towards him.[11]
  • Fuutarou took Nino away from Papa Nakano, and she confesses to Fuutarou.[12]


  • The order of the last exam chapters is actually a reflection of the character poll's ranking: Miku who ranks first in Chapter 55, Yotsuba who ranks second in Chapter 56, and so on.


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