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Family Members[]

Mr. Nakano[]

Rena's relationship with her father seemed to have been quite obscure, although her early death had hit him hard.

Itsuki Nakano[]

Itsuki was definitely close to Rena as Itsuki goes to her mother's grave on the 14th of every month. Rena also acted as a role model for Itsuki, who listens to her words, especially when it came to choosing men[1]. Due to this, Itsuki aspires to become a teacher just as her mother once was.

According to Jinnosuke Mudou and Shimoda, they comment on how Itsuki strikingly resembles Rena.

Maruo Nakano[]

Maruo is Rena's new husband.

Before getting married, he was one of her students who often visited her in the hospital when she became ill.

Other Characters[]

Jinnosuke Mudou[]

Before Rena remarried Maruo Nakano, she was once married to this man who is the quintuplets' biological father. It is uncertain what exactly caused them to split up, but Itsuki Nakano states that he left after finding that Rena was pregnant with quintuplets. When she was alive, she advises the quintuplets to always be careful when choosing men[2], which shows Rena's regret for marrying this man.


Shimoda is Rena's former student. Even as a delinquent, Shimoda admired Rena as a teacher and fell in love with her that she would later become a teacher just like her. After Rena had passed away, Shimoda would even go to her grave in order to pay her respects.