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Family Members[]

Isanari Uesugi[]

Raiha is close to her father and often acts as the straight man for her father's antics.[1]

Fuutarou Uesugi[]

Raiha knows Fuutarou like the back of her hand. She understands his strength and weakness, while able to control him to a certain degree. She is greatly concerned about her brother's well-being, even made him a good luck charm despite her deteriorating health.[2] She even still worried about the adult Fuutarou and his love life.[3]

One of Fuutarou's motivation and goals in life is to fulfill all of her wishes.[4]

The Nakano Quintuplets[]

Itsuki Nakano[]

Itsuki adores Raiha, and have a close relationship with one another since they would even hang out with one another.[5] Itsuki is the 1st quint to meet Raiha.

Yotsuba Nakano[]

Yotsuba took a liking towards Raiha and indulge her in various Summer Festivals gifts and toys, creating a good relationship between them.[6] Yotsuba is the 2nd quint to meet Raiha.


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