Since you think what's on the inside is more important, let's have a contest on that

― Nino Nakano

Nino Nakano (中野なかの 二乃にの, Nakano Nino?) is the second sister of the Nakano quintuplets. She usually acts as the mother of the family, she cooks for them[2] and takes care of their medical needs.[3] Among the five sisters, she is the one who has the highest hostility towards Fuutarou and often rebels against him.


Nino is a cold-looking girl with a long straight hair. She has reddish pink hair, ranging from light pink to telemagenta[4] in volume 1, and antique pink to red-violet[5] in volume 4. Her notable accessories is a pair of butterfly-shaped ribbons on both sides of her head. Like her sisters, she has dark blue eyes, an average height, and well-endowed figure. Nino wears a long sleeves sweater that covers her uniform.

She is noted to be the more fashionable girl among the sisters, has various cute accessories[6], and took care of her nails.[7] Her room is tidy and she has several dolls in her bed.[8] She didn't have a single piercing on her body but she's planning to have one at least before marriage.[9]


Nino has a sharp tongue[10] and talks bluntly when confronting the others, even if the other party is her sister.[11] She has an outgoing attitude and is socially aware, resulting in her having many friends. She is a scheming person and doesn't hesitate to use underhanded methods to achieve her goals. Her rebellious attitude makes her become the least cooperative girl among the sisters.

Despite the cold and rude front, Nino is actually a caring[12] and protective sister.[13] It is also evident by her willingness to acts as the cook of the family, ignoring her care towards her own appearance (culinary activities may lead to foul odor, damaging her nails, etc.). She is also shown to brings band-aid wherever and whenever she is, possibly as a precaution to Yotsuba's active behavior.[14] Despite her motherly behavior, Nino can be forgetful at times[15] and is afraid of needles.[16]


Among the sisters, Nino is ranked on the lower part of the five, with her strongest subject is English.

Nino is shown to be a good cook, ranging from daily meals, cookies, and congee.[17] She is capable to make a lot of friends, as noted by Yotsuba, who labeled her as "social butterfly".

She has poor eyesight, needing the use of contact lens to do daily activities.[18] Despite having many friends, she is incapable of recognizing Fuutarou who wears a simple wig, implying her oblivious side.[19] However, this is possibly due to the darker surroundings and her infatuation towards the young blonde Fuutarou.


Nino has a huge liking towards delinquent type boys, especially those with blonde hair.[20]


She is seen contradicting "Ichika" due to her seemingly uncaring behavior towards Itsuki.


Miku is the one who often bickers with Nino, due to their opposing personalities. Both of them often gives blunt remarks towards the other's traits or behavior. Despite that, there is no rift among them.


Nino is always carrying a band-aid, possibly to prepare for Yotsuba's injury.


Nino is often seen accompanying Itsuki when they have lunch, go shopping, hang out together, and even in the test of courage activity.


Nino is antagonistic and openly rebel towards Fuutarou at first. She is seen boycotting Fuutarou's attempt to tutor the quints on several occasions. Over time, due to Fuutarou noticing Nino's other side as a caring sister, she began to accept him. After knowing her sisters' acceptance to Fuutarou, she defends Fuutarou against her father. She indirectly said that she likes him by showing affection towards the young Fuutarou & the blonde version of him.


"Don't teach me without my permission"

"He has no place in the home of the five of us"


Purple rose petals in Volume 3 cover (Nino's volume) means "love at first sight", which is possibly a reference about her affections towards Fuutarou.


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