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The Doll, or Nino's Doll, is a stuffed toy presumably belong to Nino Nakano. The doll is a recurring item throughout the 5-toubun no Hanayome manga series and is shown at the last scene of the anime opening theme.



  • Chapter 2 - a doll in the couch (page 2) and; a doll in Nino's cupboard, inside her bedroom (page 10)
  • Chapter 3 - an illustration in a book cover (page 32)
  • Chapter 6 - a design in Nino's slipper (page 11)
  • Chapter 9 - a doll in the couch (page 12)
  • Chapter 12 - a design on Nino's pen (page 12)
  • Chapter 14 - a doll in Nino's bed (page 3); a doll in Nino's cupboard (page 7)
  • Chapter 38 - Kiku threw the doll on the ground (page 5)



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