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Black warning This article contains spoilers from the manga that has not been shown in the anime. Please continue reading at your own risks.

The New Residence Arc (also referred to as the End of Year Arc,[1] New Year Celebration Arc[2], or New Home Arc) is the eighth story arc in 5-toubun no Hanayome series. This arc is about Nakano Quintuplets in their new home.

New Residence Arc is covered in the first half of Volume 7.


  • Start of the arc: The Nakano Quintuplets live in a new residence (Chapter 51)
  • End of the arc: Ichika took as many roles as possible to fund the sisters' living expenses (Chapter 53)


With newfound resolve, the Nakano sisters move out of their penthouse and rent a small apartment. They are currently only supported by Ichika. Some of the sisters feel uncomfortable with their new lifestyle but still insist on living there. They also consider taking part-time jobs to ease the eldest sister's burden.


This arc shows the new home of the Nakano Quintuplets and the life of someone who temporarily supports their financial status.

New Home (Chapter 51)[]

The Actress Life (Chapter 52 - 53)[]

Story Impact[]

  • Fuutarou agrees to tutor the sisters again because of his own will, however, he asks them to pay him back in the future.[3]
  • Ichika is exhausted due to being the only sister to work and pays for their living expenses, so the sisters suggest to find a part-time job.[4]
  • Despite the busy acting job she is currently in, Ichika is studying hard in between her shooting session.[5]



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