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Quintuplets Game

Quintuplet Games (いつゲーム, Itsutsu-go Gēmu?) are activities shared by the Nakano Quintuplets. The Quintuplet Games revolves largely around using their similarity as identical quintuplets.

Quintuplets Jokes[]

Quintuplets Jokes happen when a Nakano sister impersonate/dress/disguise as another sister. The sisters often do this for various reasons: to avoid or gain someone's attention, saying/doing things they usually cannot/do not do, or even finding their own sister.

Each of the quintuplets generally have their sisters' wigs and accessories prepared with themselves so that they can pull out the trick at their disposal. The impersonations' purpose also differ the level of disguise: It can be done as lightly as only putting on accessories without any extra effort, or as serious as completely changing into other sister, inside and outside.

Quintuplet Guessing Game[]

The Quintuplets can have others guess their true identity while dressing up as another sister.

List of Quintuplets Jokes[]

Chapter Sister Disguising as Level and Method Purpose
4 Miku Yotsuba Partial (Accessory) Evading Fuutarou's chase.
16 Nino Itsuki Partial (Mannerism) Tricking Fuutarou into revealing information.
18 Itsuki Miku Partial (Haristyle) Testing Fuutarou whether if he can distinguish the quintuplets.
22 Miku Ichika Partial-Full (Wig/Accessories) Rejecting Maeda.
29 Itsuki Ichika Partial (Mannerism) Learning more about Fuutarou.
40 Miku Nino Partial (Accessories) Tricking the hotel receptionist into opening Nino's room.
45 Partial (Accessories) Gaining access to Nino's room.
46 Itsuki Yotsuba Partial (Accessories) Have Yotsuba quitting the track team; unsuccessful.
47 Nino Partial (Accessories) Have Yotsuba quitting the track team.
Scrambled Eggs Arc Nakano Quintuplets Itsuki Full Assuring their grandfather of their unity.
Quintuplet Guessing Game: Asking Fuutarou.
74 Ichika Miku Partial-Full (Wig/Accessories) Avoiding her classmates.
80 Partial-Full (Wig/Accessories) Preventing Miku's attempt to confess to Fuutarou.
82 Nino Partial-Full Gaining access to Miku's room.
82 - 83 Ichika Partial-Full (Wig/Accessories) Preventing Miku's attempt to confess to Fuutarou.
101 Ichika Nino Partial-Full (Wig/Accessories) Avoiding her fans.
111 Miku Itsuki Partial (Accessories) Quintuplet Guessing Game: Testing Mudou if he can tell his "daughters" apart.
121 Nakano Quintuplets The Bride Full Quintuplet Guessing Game: Testing Fuutarou whether if he truly loves his bride, and thus can tell the true one from among her identical sisters.

Quintuplets Pinky Promise[]

Quintuplets Pinky Promise 5Toubun Logo

Quintuplets Pinky Promise

Quintuplets Pinky Promise is usually done when all five of Nakano sisters are set to accomplish one goal/promise. They make a pinky promise using their hands like usual, but with all five of their pinky fingers interlocked together.

List of Quintuplets Pinky Promises[]

Quintuplets Finger Game[]

Quintuplets Finger Game is a game where someone guess which one out of the five finger the other person shows.

  • First Appearance: Chapter 24
  • List of Quintuplets Finger Game:

Quintuplets Puzzle Game[]

A game with the sisters' facial features as the puzzle pieces.

  • First Appearance: Chapter 51
  • List of Quintuplets Puzzle Game:

Quintuplets Guessing Game[]

Quintuplets Guessing Game is a game where several sisters dress as one particular sister and make someone guess their identities.

  • First Appearance: Chapter 64
  • List of Quintuplets Guessing Game: