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Qunituplets Maternal Grandfather (tentative name) of the Nakano quintuplets and the father of the late Rena Nakano. He is the manager of the Toraiwa Hot Springs inn.[no citation]

He later fell ill and passed away about three years after the main story and therefore could not attend his granddaughter's wedding with Fuutarou Uesugi.[1]



At first glance, the grandfather seems a senile old man not even aware of his surroundings, to the point Fuutarou even wondered if he was alive. However, when one of his granddaughters was seemingly harassed by Fuutarou, he threw the young man to the floor and threatened to kill him if he ever got close to them again.

He's able to tell his quintuplet granddaughters apart even when they're assuming the same appearance, which he claims is thanks to "love", an advice he passes on to Fuutarou so he can learn how to tell them apart himself. Towards the end of his life, he seems to regret having caused the quintuplets to suppress their individuality, and entrusts Fuutarou to take care of them after he passes away.



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