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Young Nakano, or Lolikano by the community, refers to a young girl that Fuutarou Uesugi encountered during the Kyoto school trip five years prior to the main story. She has made several appearances in Fuutarou's numerous recollections in the series. She can also be referred to as the Girl in the Photograph.



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She is one of the Nakano Quintuplets. However, due to the quintuplets' identical physical appearance at the time, it is unknown who the Young Nakano Fuutarou Uesugi met. It can also be said that Fuutarou encountered more than one of the young quintuplets.

Relations with the Nakano Quintuplets

  • Itsuki Nakano knows the full story about Fuutarou and the Young Nakano when Fuutarou told her about his past in Chapter 33-34. She knows about the photo and have seen it (as Rena).
  • Nino Nakano knows the full story about Fuutarou and the Young Nakano when Fuutarou have a conversation with her in the hotel in Chapter 43. She doesn't know about the photo and never saw it.
  • Ichika Nakano doesn't know about the Young Nakano. However, she knows about the photo and have seen it in Chapter 77.
  • Yotsuba Nakano knows a little about the Young Nakano when Raiha Uesugi refers to her as Fuutarou's first love in Chapter 79. Yotsuba also knows a little about the photo during that event, but she never saw it.
  • Miku Nakano doesn't know about Young Nakano. She also doesn't know about the photo and never saw it.


Fuutarou's Flashback Arc

Fuutarou's encounter with a Young Nakano quint

In the hospital, Itsuki persistently questions Fuutarou on why he studies. Fuutarou well recalls the encounter he had with a young girl that changed his life. Five years ago, Fuutarou along with his four classmates were on a school field trip to Kyoto. Because of a certain incidence, Fuutarou felt excluded from his group of friends, and left alone. Some time later, a woman accused Fuutarou of sneaking photos of her, and two policemen near the scene came and began inquiring him. A girl voice emerged from behind and claimed that Fuutarou is innocent. Fuutarou looked back and saw a young girl smiling at him. At present, Fuutarou then ends his story with jokes, much to Itsuki's disappointment. ("Together, Today with Tumult in Kyoto")

Kyoto Trip Arc

Photo of Fuutarou and a Young Nakano quint


  • "I'm gonna set an example for everyone!" - Young Nakano [1]
  • "Hey! Today i met a really interesting boy!"[2]


  • Young Nakano appears in Chapter 85.[3]


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