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To Fuutarou, we're merely... his students. That's why, I've decided.. to pass every subject this exam, and with the best grades out of the five of us, no less. So that I can proudly graduate from being Fuutarou's student. This time, for sure, I'll be able to tell him that I love him.

― Miku to Ichika on her feelings, Chapter 55

Miku Nakano (なか , Nakano Miku?) is the third sister of the Nakano Quintuplets, and one of the main characters of the 5-toubun no Hanayome series. She has a very timid personality.


"Miku did your breast get bigger."
"We’re all same."

Yotsuba Nakano and Miku Nakano[src][src]

Miku is an emotionless looking girl with medium-length red hair that has strands of hair hanging over the right side of her face . Her notable accessory is a set of wireless headphones that have a triangle-shaped logo on the ear cups (Audio-Technica) [6]. Like her sisters, she has dark blue eyes, an average height, a well-endowed figure and large breasts.

Miku usually wears a long-sleeved sweater that covers her uniform. She also wears black tights and puts on her headphones around her neck. Most of the time, she has part of her bangs cover her right eye. She wears a ranzel.[7][8]



Miku is a silent and reserved girl who has a pessimistic way of thinking and low confidence, even to the point of belittling herself.[9] Fuutarou Uesugi notes that she doesn't have faith in herself.[10] In contrary to her reserved self, she can talk in a straightforward manner and doesn't hesitate to confront others.[11] She can also be also slightly possessive, as she doesn't react well when Yotsuba kisses Fuutarou on the cheek to wipe some cream, and overall she gets pouty whenever another girl, especially one of her sisters, gets a little too close for comfort with Fuutarou.

It is shown that she has an obsession with generals from the Sengoku Period.[12] She is greatly influenced by their philosophies, to the point of affecting her real-life behavior.[13] She hides this fact from her everyone and is embarrassed when Fuutarou found out.[14] When Fuutarou challenged her to a duel of historical knowledge, she donned a set of armour similar to Takeda Shingen's.[15]

Miku versus Fuutarou.

Despite her slightly negative outlook on life, such as when she asks Fuutarou to give up on her[16], she is the first sister to abide by the Gotoubun Principle. Miku always reminds herself to follow this principle, going as far as compromising her own interest to make sure everyone is treated equally.[17] Miku is also a genuinely kind person: she becomes the second Nakano quintuplet after Yotsuba to accept Fuutarou, and the first one to openly fall for him. Her interactions with him after her first character arc have her either being wholeheartedly supportive of him, gentle with him, or worried for him. She's also seen helping an old woman cross the street in one chapter.

Miku has a depressed sense of modesty and cares little about her appearance compared to her sisters; not even acknowledging situations where her body is exposed. She didn't mind removing her long socks in front of her tutor or bother wearing flashy clothing. Despite this, she seems to harbor insecurities about her own appearance, as she confides to Nino that she doesn't view herself as cute compared to her and ichika.

According to Fuutarou, each Nakano Quintuplet has their own characteristics regarding their sheets.[18] In Miku's case, she has good handwriting.


"Miku is the smartest of us."

Yotsuba Nakano to Fuutarou Uesugi[src][src]

According to Yotsuba, Miku is the smartest among the sisters[19] with her strongest subject being Social Studies.[20] She has an extensive knowledge of Japanese History.[21] She has the ability to imitate her sisters' looks and personality without the others recognising; far more than the extent of Ichika's ability.[22][23]

Miku, most likely, has the lowest physical capabilities among her sisters and she is bad at cooking.[24][25] It is implied that she has a lack of romantic knowledge, due to the fact that she's less capable to comprehend the reasoning behind human relationships.[26]


Main Article: Miku Nakano/Relationships


Fuutarou Uesugi: “I don't think there'll ever be a day where she and I see eye-to-eye.
Miku Nakano: “If you face her with sincerity, I'm sure she'll come to understand you.
Fuutarou: “With sincerity...? How am I supposed to do that?
Miku: “Don't ask me. Coming up with the answer to that is your job, isn't it?
— Miku and Fuutarou discuss how to approach Nino, Chapter 5
Fuutarou Uesugi: “You guys...
Miku Nakano: “Don't give up after failing just twice... We'll be able to do it next time. If Fuutarou's with us, we'll make it! Failure is the stepping stone to success, right?
— Miku persuades Fuutarou to tutor them again, Chapter 50
Miku Nakano: “To Fuutarou, we're merely... his students.
Ichika Nakano: “Miku...
Miku: “That's why, I've decided.. to pass every subject this exam, and with the best grades out of the five of us, no less. So that I can proudly graduate from being Fuutarou's student. This time, for sure, I'll be able to tell him that I love him.
— Miku to Ichika on her commitment to graduate from being Fuutarou's student, Chapter 55

This is about someone I know. She wanted to confess her feelings, but she couldn't because she didn't have the confidence... it seems. Because if she were to confess, things wouldn't be able to go back to the way they were before. That's the sort of courage it takes to confess. [to herself] And to think that there are people in this world with that kind of courage... Why am I such a coward?

― Miku to Fuutarou on the courage to confess

Fuutarou is my teacher, and I'm his student. That won't change. But that doesn't mean everything else won't change.

― Miku's monologue on her relationship with Fuutarou


  • The name Miku means "three" (三) (mi) and "black jewel" (玖) (ku).
    • The wife of Takeda Shingen is named as Sanjō (三条?) and share a similarity in kanji writing to Miku (三玖?).

      Takeda's crest as shown on Miku's phone

      • Among the Sengoku generals, the one Miku like the most is Takeda Shingen as it is hinted many times throughout the series when she set Takeda's crest as her phone's wallpaper [27].
  • Miku likes Matcha Soda.
  • Miku threw away her Kurobara Girls High School's PE uniform. Due to unexplored reasons, she bore the deepest hatred towards her previous school compared to her sisters.[28]
  • The wife of Takeda Shingen is named as Sanjō (三条?) and share a similarity in kanji writing to Miku (三玖?).
  • Miku's design and artstyle in the one-shot version is different from the current one, having shorter hair and gloomier appearance.
    • In the one-shot, Miku had short hair with pigtails instead of long hair.
    • Miku's notable accessory is a pair of headphones with a triangle design on either side, representing the number 3, which is a part of her name and the order of her birth.
  • Miku's headphones are a design mix of the Audio-Technica M50x and AR3bt SE.
  • Miku's phone number is [[1]] and her email address is n.miku0505@socomo.ne.jp.[29]
  • Miku's voice actress, Miku Itou shared same name as her character, but different Kanji's first name writing. Miku (美来) for her voice actress name & Miku (三玖) for her characters name.


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