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Uesugi-kun, you've really done it this time. However, I will not hand my daughters over to the likes of you.

― Papa Nakano's monologue.

Maruo Nakano (中野なかの マルオ, Nakano Maruo?) is the stepfather of the Nakano Quintuplets after Rena Nakano (the Quintuplets' mother) remarried several years before the series begins. He runs a large hospital and she is also a doctor. He appears to be an antagonist of the 5Toubun no Hanayome manga series since his official debut in Volume 6.


Nino Nakano remarks that Maruo always do thing he deems as correct.[1]



Ebata is the Papa Nakano's secretary and occasionally driver. Due to Papa Nakano's lack of time and attention towards his stepdaughters, Ebata is assigned to take care of the quintuplets.

Isanari Uesugi

Fuutarou's father, Isanari, somehow has a relationship with Papa Nakano prior to the beginning of the series. Through Isanari, Fuutarou was able to land the job as the quintuplets' private tutor.

Fuutarou Uesugi

Despite choosing Fuutarou as the quintuplets' private tutor, Papa Nakano bears a certain hatred toward him. He denies Fuutarou and objects him marrying one of his daughters.

During the wedding between Fuutarou and his stepdaughter, Papa Nakano refuses to show up with Fuutarou until Isanari reprimands him.

Nakano Quintuplets

While Maruo is not the quintuplets' biological father, he genuinely cares for his stepdaughters, which is shown in his decision to hire Fuutarou, the best student in class, as his stepdaughters' tutor, despite disliking him. He also doesn't force his opinions and decisions on the quintuplets. When the quintuplets decide to move out from their residence to live independently, Maruo becomes displeased. Even so, he still considers their thoughts and allows them to do so.

Unnamed Father-in-law


  • "Ebata, it's such a joyous occasion for all of my daughters to clear their exams. I wonder if I'm smiling? I see. As their father, that's a given."
  • "It seems that my responsibilities as a parent include listening to my children's selfish wants"[2]



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