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Uesugi-kun, you've really done it this time. However, I will not hand my daughters over to the likes of you.

― Maruo Nakano's monologue.

Maruo Nakano (中野なかの マルオ, Nakano Maruo?) is a successful doctor and businessman who runs a hospital, the husband of Rena Nakano and the stepfather of the Nakano Quintuplets who hires Futaro Uesugi as a private tutor for the quintuplets.

While initially presented as an antagonistic character, he is later revealed to be a responsible and loving father who deeply cares for his daughters and their happiness. His backstory and connection to his daughters are also revealed over the course of the story, making him an important character in the series.



Full body view of Maruo

Maruo is depicted as a middle-aged man with short black hair that has bangs neatly combed on both sides, small sharp black eyes, he has a lean physique and he has a serious expression most of the time. Overall, his appearance exudes authority and sophistication, befitting his role as the patriarch of the Nakano family.

He is often shown wearing a suit and tie, reflecting his professional status as a successful businessman.


Maruo is characterized by his strict and no-nonsense demeanor where he is a disciplined and responsible person who takes his role as a father and provider seriously. Maruo is a workaholic, often putting in long hours at the office, and expects results from his daughters.

He is often depicted as cold and distant, and his relationship with his daughters can be strained at times. However, it is revealed that he cares deeply for his daughters' well-being and only wants what is best for them, even if it means making difficult decisions. Maruo is not one to show his emotions easily, but his actions speak louder than his words, and he is willing to make personal sacrifices for his family's sake.


Not much is known about Maruo except that he was a student of Rena Nakano and classmate of Isanari Uesugi (Futaro Uesugi's father) in the past.

As a student, Maruo was the student council president as well as the president of Rena's fan club.


Season One[]

Season Two[]


Season One[]

  • "You must be Uesugi. Thank you for looking after my daughters.'"
  • "I don't remember letting you call me Pops."
  • "I'm sorry I haven't been able to make an appearance at home. But I trust that torturing job has gone well thus far?"
  • "Well, that's a relief. I hear the midterms are just around the corner. So I'm glad you're making progress."
  • "Uesugi, I except great things from you."

Season Two[]

  • "Ebata, it's such a joyous occasion for all of my daughters' to clear their exams. I wonder if I'm smiling? I see. As their father, that's a given."
  • "Why are you dressed like that?"
  • "It seems that my responsibilities as a parent include listening to my children's selfish wants."[1]
  • "This is your last chance."
  • "Yes, a family vacation. Nothing good ever comes when traveling."


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  • The name Maruo means "circle, zero" (丸) (maru) and "beginning, continuity" (緒) (o).
    • The kanji "丸" fits in with the numerically based names of his daughters, like his wife's name.


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