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The manager of the bakery shop Komugiya, where Miku Nakano works part-time. Her shop rivals the pastry shop Revival.


She has black-colored hair and is mostly seen wearing a cap either in the shop and outdoor.

Revival's manager[]

Revival manager labels the Komugiya shop as a shitty bread shop. [1]


During summer of their third years, both Fuutarou and Nino Nakano receive a call from the manager, announcing to that the pastry shop will be closed temporarily as he was hospitalized. It was revealed that he was involved in a motorcycle accident. Accompanying him at the hospital is the owner of the Komugiya, who is assumed to have caused the accident. ("Coincidence-Free Summer Break").


"This is weird...she followed the recipe exactly as it's written, but by some mysterious force, it turned into a failure..." (Referring to Miku's bread)[2]

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