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Your very existence has already begun to stir a change in the five of us.

― Itsuki Nakano to Fuutarou

Itsuki Nakano (なか 五月いつき, Nakano Itsuki?) is the fifth sister of the Nakano Quintuplets. Itsuki is serious and diligent, yet also a glutton and crybaby.[7][8][9] Among the sisters, Itsuki is the most familiar with Uesugi Family's members and circumstances.[10]


Itsuki reveals to her sisters that she wants to be a school teacher, in which everyone supports.[11]


Itsuki Nakano design draft

Itsuki Nakano profile.

Itsuki is a serious looking girl with medium-length hair and an expressive ahoge. She has reddish-orange hair color, ranging from light pink to salmon pink in Volume 1, and deep orange to orient red in Volume 4.[12][13] Her notable accessories are a pair of star-shaped hairpins[14], which Fuutarou Uesugi called unfashionable at one point,[15] near both of her eyes. Like her sisters, she has dark blue eyes, an average height, and a well-endowed figure. In class, or when she does something involving studying, she wears glasses.[16]

Itsuki is noted to be "cute" by her classmates [17] and she looks very similar to Rena Nakano (Itsuki's mother), according to Shimoda.[18]

She wears her uniform normally without any accessories, like most of the girl students [19] and she wears a handbag.[20][21]

Itsuki's ahoge changes form depending on her expression[22][23][24], and it is retractable.[25] She is the sister with the highest weight, yet refuses to acknowledge it.[26]


Itsuki is a serious and earnest girl [27] who usually wakes up early compared to her sisters.[28][29]. She is also well-mannered: She cares a lot about eating manners,[30] has never been late or missed a class [31], and always speak in polite language.

Itsuki is a girl who bears a grudge,[32] shown when she rejects Fuutarou Uesugi's tutoring partly because of their previous quarrel. She is also someone who can't be honest with herself and has difficulties being more straightforward.[33][34] Both of these qualities often make her struggle on her own. Nino Nakano comments that Itsuki is too straight-laced.[35] Itsuki is too precise in her timing during cooking.[36]

Itsuki is a crybaby, be it about unfavorable situations[37], scary things[38], or her stubborn self.[39][40][41].

Itsuki has a huge appetite and is mostly seen eating something throughout the series. It appears that she doesn't mind treating her sisters unfairly when it comes to food-related stuff.[42] Itsuki proposes to share their cakes and Ichika Nakano suspects her real goal is to sample all of the flavors.[43] Itsuki worries about Fuutarou, but it's actually because she's hungry.[44]

According to Fuutarou, each Nakano Quintuplet has their own characteristics regarding their sheets.[45] In Itsuki's case, she would rather use an eraser than scribble on them

According to Ichika, Fuutarou has to be firm to deal with Nino and be kind to deal with Itsuki.[46]


Ichika Nakano labels Itsuki as someone "earnest/diligent" [47] and Yotsuba Nakano notes that Itsuki is someone "diligent".[48]

Itsuki is commended as a diligent girl, and she does things very precisely.[49][50] She is also perceptive and has a good sense of detail.[51] Despite that, she has an awful sense of direction.[52] She also has poor eyesight and is often seen wearing glasses.[53] Itsuki has good observation and deduction skills.[54] Among the sister, Itsuki ranks on the higher part of the five, with her strongest subject being Science.[55]

Itsuki never realizes Miku Nakano's affection towards Fuutarou Uesugi and she is the last sister to know about it.[56]

Itsuki's poor sense of direction is first mentioned.[57] Itsuki is sensitive to the cold so she sneaks into Nino Nakano's futon.[58]


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  • "In the end, we can't know what he feels, what he thinks, unless we ask him personally"[59]
  • "Aren't you going to set a good example? We're counting on you"[60]
  • "How does it feel to receive words of gratitude from someone you taught? For me. I want to treasure the feelings from that time"[61]
  • "The numerous days we spent studying for exams, fireworks festival, field trip, new year celebration, we spent all that time together. Doesn't that already make us... friends?"' [62]


  • Itsuki is the only girl whose name is a portmanteau as the name Itsuki means "five" (五) (itsu) and "moon" (月) (tsuki).
    • It can also mean "tree" (樹).
    • Part of the name Itsu means "mercy" (慈), "flee, escape, break loose" (逸) or "graceful" (淑).
  • Itsuki is labeled as the "first girl" of the series.
  • Itsuki is seen wearing glasses when she's about to do a test (Chapter 2), suggesting she has hyperopia (far-sightedness). In Chapter 3 with Fuutarou Uesugi, he remarks that Itsuki can't see far away, suggesting she has myopia (near-sightedness). Despite sharing eye problems with Nino Nakano, only Itsuki wears glasses.
  • Itsuki believes in fate and charms.[63][64]
  • Itsuki's notable accessories are two stars on the front of her hair, representing number 5, which is a part of her name and the order of her birth.
  • Itsuki won 3rd place on the Japanese popularity poll with 1235 votes.[65]
  • Itsuki's food critic pseudonym, May (M·A·Y?) literally means May in English, as in the fifth month of the year. The Kanji of Itsuki (五月?) is also used for "May" in Japanese.
  • Itsuki is the second Nakano Quintuplet to get her picture taken alongside Fuutarou. However, she is the first Nakano Quintuplet to have a picture with Fuutarou taken properly.[66]
  • Itsuki is the first Nakano Quintuplet to receive a "kabedon" from Fuutarou in Chapter 1.
  • Itsuki is the first Nakano Quintuplet to be seen crying. She was implied to cry at the Fireworks Festival Arc.[67]
  • Itsuki is the first Nakano Quintuplet to hold Fuutarou's hand at the start of the bonfire.
  • Itsuki is the third Nakano Quintuplet to have unintentionally or indirectly confessed to Fuutarou.[68]
  • Itsuki is the third Nakano Quintuplet to be seen half-naked by Fuutarou (in Chapter 63),


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