I'll try doing what I can do, but there are things only you can do

—Ichika Nakano

Ichika Nakano ( (なか) () (いち) () Nakano Ichika?) is the first sister of the Nakano Quintuplets. Despite the negligible age difference among them, she took the role of the eldest sister properly.[4] She is also trusted enough to acts as their confident and leader.[5] Ichika aspires to become an actress.[6] She likes to tease Fuutarou.[7]


Ichika Nakano design draft

Ichika Nakano profile.

Ichika is a playful girl with very short spiky hair. She has white-pink/light pink hair color, ranging from oyster pink to light pink shade in Volume 1, and oyster white to light pink shade in Volume 4.[8][9]

Her notable accessory is a single earring.[10] Like her sisters, she has dark blue eyes, an average height, and well-endowed figure. A stall owner praises Ichika for her cuteness, but he doesn't praise the nearby Itsuki.[11]

Ichika wears her school uniform with a thin jacket tied to her waist, sometimes with unbuttoned top, revealing her cleavage. Ichika wears a handbag.[12][13]

Ichika is a sleepyhead and likes to doze off.[14] Her room is messy and unorganized, she also has mature-type clothes, including a sexy nightgown.[15][16] Ichika is a sleepyhead, and she sleeps naked, even when sleeping together with her sister.[17][18]

Yotsuba often cleans Ichika's room.[19] Ichika wants to buy adult undergarments, and asks Yotsuba to try it.[20]

Ichika owns sexy undergarments.[21]


Ichika's teasing habit is first shown.[22]

Ichika loves to tease people and be open about it, exhibiting her boldness even towards a male.[23][24] Ichika acts as the eldest sister of the Nakano Quintuplets, and seems to have a calm and composed demeanor.[25] Fuutarou noted that her smile is fake, and encourage her to put away that kind of smile.[26]

Ichika initially had pessimistic attitude towards the sisters' learning capabilities, making her one of the obstacles for Fuutarou tutoring lessons early in the story.[27] After being inspired by Fuutarou, she began to change her mind and started to study with him.[28] Fuutarou also helped her patch things up with her sisters, making the quintuplets become closer.[29] Ichika's room is very messy & unorganized.[30] Ichika notices that Miku trying to understand Fuutarou's taste.[31] Despite her smug expression and teasing behavior, Ichika is shown to have a weakness to romantic moments happening to her.[32]

According to Fuutarou, each Nakano Quintuplets has their own characteristics regarding their sheets.[33] On Ichika's case, her writing and paper would be sloppy.

Ichika is shown to study in between her filming, inside a car on the road, and late at night.[34][35] Fuutarou also impressed at how Ichika able to balance work and school.[36]

Fuutarou remarks that Ichika is the most competent out of the five. She also picks things up quickly.[37]

Ichika is bothered when the sisters are making decision without her.[38]

Ichika keeps her job secret because of her pride as the eldest sister. She plans to be successful first before telling her sisters about the job.[39] Fuutarou describes Ichika as someone who puts on a fake smile and hides her feelings whenever something serious is involved.[40] Fuutarou goes to see Ichika doing her homework alone, to which he joins her.[41] Ichika acknowledges that she's an underhanded person.[42]


Ichika is a model and an actress.[43] She is able to impersonate her sisters' expression and traits, showcasing her excellent acting capability.[44] Ichika claimed that she is not as good as Miku in impersonating the sisters.[45] Fuutarou is impressed at how good Ichika's acting is, when she accidentally eat cakes made by him but managed to praise it wholeheartedly.[46] According to Fuutarou, she is able to "see through people", hinting her good insight towards human psychology.[47] This is evident when Ichika easily deduces Fuutarou and Itsuki's quarrel, and correctly guess the state of Itsuki currently in.[48]

Ichika is able to deduce that Fuutarou is currently "targeting" Itsuki, just from a single glance.[49] Ichika's "big sister" traits are first shown when she refers to herself as "onee-san" to Fuutarou and asks him to consult her.[50] Among the sister, Ichika is usually ranked on the middle part of the five, with Math as her strongest subject.[51]


  • "Those are not useless things! This is the choice that I picked!"
  • "I'll do what I can to help her, but there's something only you can do." (To Fuutarou about Itsuki)
  • "I wanted things to continue like this forever. I didn't want this comfortable situation to change, but in reality, I didn't want anyone else to have it."
  • "Make the choice you won't regret, because things won't keep going like this forever" - Ichika Nakano.[52]
  • "I need to work hard, for both my sake as well as theirs" - Ichika Nakano[53]
  • "Why did I have to fall in love?" - Ichika Nakano
  • "And that's why you fell in love with him? Don't you think things fell into place a bit too easily for you?" - Ichika Nakano[54]


  • The name Ichika means "one flower", comprised of the kanji ichi (一 'one') and ka (花 'flower').
  • Ichika notable accessory is a single earring, representing number 1, which is a part of her name and the order of her birth.
  • Ichika is the first Nakano Quintuplets to "kabedon" Fuutarou.
  • Ichika is the first Nakano Quintuplets to be hugged by Fuutarou.
  • Ichika is the first Nakano Quintuplet to give a lap pillow to Fuutarou.[55][56]
  • Ichika is the first girl who got a proper headpat by Fuutarou (technically, Miku is the first to get a headpat).[57]
  • Ichika is the second Nakano Quintuplets that Fuutarou sees a half-naked.
  • Ichika is the first Nakano Quintuplets girl who is directly seen crying by Fuutarou (Chapter 27).
  • Ichika is the first Nakano Quintuplets whose goals/dreams is shown/stated, which is to become an actress.
  • Since the bell scene, Ichika is the first Nakano Quintuplets which trigger Fuutarou's awareness towards lips (befitting her name).
  • Ichika is the fifth Nakano Quintuplet who directly or indirectly confess to Fuutarou.


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