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I'm going to have all five of you graduate with smiles on your face!

― Fuutarou Uesugi

Fuutarou Uesugi (うえすぎ ふうろう, Uesugi Fuutarō?) is the main protagonist of the 5Toubun no Hanayome series. He is a student of the Asahiyama High School. He lives with his father, Isanari Uesugi, and younger sister, Raiha Uesugi, in a small apartment.

He is a serious and hardworking high school student, and a prodigy at the top of his grade. Because of his family's perpetual poverty, he takes up the offer to tutor the Nakano quintuplets.

At some point in the future, he marries one of the quintuplets, whose identity remains a mystery as they are identical.


Fuutarou is a stern-looking young man with a short hair and tall build. He has a natural black hair colour with a slight pigeon-blue shade on it.[2] In his younger days, he dyed his hair blonde while assuming a delinquent persona.[3] Fuutarou is mostly seen in his uniform, even during the summer festival and when hanging out outside.[4][5] Fuutarou owns an older model candybar phone.[6] He only has 2 contacts in it, his father and Raiha.[7] Miku remarks that Fuutarou has the "face of a villain".[8] Nino considers Fuutarou's hairstyle weird.[9]


His Kintarou persona sports a blonde, more spiky, and slightly longer hairstyle.



According to Isanari, Fuutarou used to be similar to his father as a kid, with their wild personality and being bad at studying. He lives a frugal lifestyle.[10] Fuutarou prefers solitude, his friends remark that Fuutarou is "by himself again".[11] Someone comments that Fuutarou is always like that, trying to not associate with everyone.[12] Ichika remarks that Fuutarou is direct and doesn't mince words.[13] Yotsuba's first impression of Fuutarou is a gloomy and not-having-many-friends guy.[14] His facial expression is always serious, sometimes having a grumpy and annoyed look, and rarely blushes or gets flustered.[15][16] Fuutarou thinks that being the Class Representative is just hindering his study.[17]

Fuutarou is noted to have a big ego and high confidence.[18][19] He can also be rude and straightforward, but is actually capable to hold back his emotions.[20][21] Despite that, Fuutarou could momentarily lose his composure when agitated and faced with unfavorable circumstances.[22] He also doesn't like getting involved with other people's problems, finding them to be troublesome.[23]

Fuutarou is shown to be hardworking and has a high patience, as he is able to tutor several girls that have below average scores. It is personally stated and hinted that Fuutarou currently doesn't have interest in romantic relationships.[24] He considers love as something foolish and detests it.[25]

Fuutarou is seen sweating when he's lying and/or nervous.[26][27]

Raiha describes Fuutarou as "an overly confident" guy and a "study freak".[19][28]

Nino encourages Fuutarou about his future love life, despite labeling him as a tactless guy.[29] Ichika also said the same thing when she visits him in the hospital.

Fuutarou has a habit of covering his mouth with his left hand whenever he feels embarrassed.[30]

The older Fuutarou is someone who doesn't pay attention to everything except work.[31] The test sheet is written specifically for each sister.[32] Fuutarou then tells them that they don't need to pay him now, and that they could do so in the future.[33] Fuutarou worked on various food-related part-time job. Itsuki suspects that it was for the free food.[34] Miku finds Fuutarou which is thinking about love-related stuff funny.


Fuutarou tried to make Kintarou as someone more manly and brawny than his silent usual self.


Fuutarou is a smart student and ranked top among his peer. He acknowledges that his forte lies solely in studying.[35] He is able to score perfectly in various tests.[36] He got 100 in all 5 subjects during the Second Year Midterm Exam.[37] He also has an exceptional memory and excellent reading comprehension.[38] Fuutarou is able to absorb several dozens worth of books in three days.[39] His reason for studying is related to a young girl in his flashback.[40] Fuutarou is able to sleep while sitting straight with his eyes wide open.[41] Ichika's director notes that Fuutarou is the one who draws out Ichika's potential.[42] Fuutarou is shown to have a cunning and crafty mind, as he's able to get the most out of the cafe's menu, successfully trick a teacher with his plan, and getting the lazy Nakano Quintuplets to start studying.[43][44]

Fuutarou acknowledges that human relations isn't his strong point.[45] He always tries to cut off relationships with others aside from family, that is why he doesn't have experience with confessions.[46] He is less adept with technology - he is unfamiliar with the internet's function[47], and that he is unfamiliar with Nakano Quintuplets' apartment lock system.[48]

Fuutarou has low physical endurance/stamina.[49] Miku and Fuutarou have almost equal physical endurance/stamina.[49] He once tried to piggyback Miku, but lacks strength to do so.[50] Fuutarou has a low strength.[51]

Despite his poor social skills, he is able to see through a person's emotion and motivate them.[52][53] Initially, Fuutarou is unable to judge the names of the sisters since they're so similar, but later he is able to differ them by how they call him.[54][55] He is also capable of distinguishing the girls' based on their individual style of writing. Fuutarou is in a slump for quite some time, as he is affected by Nino's confession.[56]

Fuutarou is not good at cooking.[57] He is able to ride a motorcycle.[58] He once worked on a delivery job before, which was when he got his license.[58]


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Referrals / Nicknames

Nickname Japanese Character
Fuutarou-kun 風太郎くん Ichika Nakano
Uesugi 上杉 Nino Nakano
Fuutarou 風太郎 Miku Nakano
Uesugi-san 上杉さん Yotsuba Nakano
Uesugi-kun 上杉くん Itsuki Nakano
Fuu-kun 風くん Nino Nakano, Miku Nakano


Ichika Nakano: “Well, it'd just be a break from school. You know how I'm in a movie now thanks to your help? It's gotten to the point where I've started receiving offers for more work. I've already been absent from school a few times because of work. Other student actors also miss school fully aware they might be held back a year, or they transfer to another school that's more accommodating of their needs. And as you're well aware, I'm hopeless when it comes to academics. It's not like I have any regrets about high school... At least, that's what I'm thinking of... possibly doing...? [thinks to herself] And if I'm gone, then Miku will...
Fuutarou Uesugi: “It must be nice... to have found what you want to do.
Ichika Nakano: “Huh?
— Fuutarou's response to Ichika's reasons of quitting school for her actress career, Chapter 28
Fuutarou Uesugi: “I-I have some doubts about whether I can handle this...
Man on the phone: “Is that so? Your father tried in earnest to get this job but if that is the case, then I'm afraid, we'll have to pretend as if this talk never-
Fuutarou Uesugi: “But my doubts have all cleared up!! [yells out] I will have all your daughters graduate without problems!!
— Fuutarou exchanges about tutoring the quintuplets with their father, Chapter 2


― {{{2}}}
Miku Nakano: “But everyone in my class liked handsome actors, beautiful models and such. On the other hand, my preferences are all old men with mustaches. I must be weird.
Fuutarou Uesugi: “ [to himself] Definitely weird! what I could say...But.
Fuutarou Uesugi: “You're not weird at all! Believe in what you love!
— Fuutarou's opinion on Miku's hobby, Chapter 3


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― {{{2}}}


― {{{2}}}
Fuutarou Uesugi: “Equality is all well and good, but we shouldn't reject everything that make us unique to achieve that. I don't want to invalidate her efforts. Rather than making everyone equals, let's be fair instead.
Miku Nakano: “ [recklessly hurts herself] Ow...
Fuutarou Uesugi: “Haha... what are you doing?
Miku Nakano: “Yeah, let's be fair.
— Fuutarou and Miku discuss equality and fairness, Chapter 29
Unnamed Male Nurse: “Were you worried about falling behind your studies? You're a prodigy who's at the top of your grade, aren't you? A short break should not be a problem for you then.
Fuutarou Uesugi: “You're right... I'll be fine, but... There's a group of idiots that I need to get back and tutor or they'll be in trouble.
— Fuutarou talks his motivations to tutor the the quintuplets, Chapter 33


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― {{{2}}}
Nino Nakano: “And I even said all those things during the midterm exams... I know I'm causing him trouble, but...
Fuutarou Uesugi, as Kintarou: “That's not true
Nino Nakano: “Of course it is! All he cares about is studying...
Fuutarou Uesugi, as Kintarou: “Who cares about the exams. I want the five of you to be together.
— Fuutarou discusses sisterly bonds with Nino as Kintarou, Chapter 44


― {{{2}}}


  • He is an Aries and believes in charms and horoscope.[59]
  • Nino is the first Nakano Quintuplets to be pushed down (although accidentally), and seen half-naked by Fuutarou.
  • Fuutarou's favorite meal is curry udon.[60]
  • The anime provides Fuutarou's contact details. His phone number is 090-62149-31876 and email address is[no citation]
  • Fuutarou had an experience to get his ear pierced before.[61]


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