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Futaro prefers solitude, in which his friends remark that Futaro is "by himself again."[1] and Yotsuba said that Futaro is seldom to be sociable.[2]

Futaro's type of girl is "full of energy", "good at cooking" and "cares about her brother" (but he is actually referring to Raiha Uesugi).[3]

Family Members[]

Isanari Uesugi[]

Isanari is Futaro's father. Futaro used to be quite similar to the kind of person Isanari is now, a boisterous and 'wild' man. The two of them share a good relationship with each other as father and son, as they can joke around with each other casually.[4] Isanari is shown to care a lot for his son's well-being, demonstrated by encouraging Futaro to go on the field trip and enjoy himself[5] and he is not above trying to discipline his son, albeit not succesfully.[6]

Raiha Uesugi[]

Raiha is Futaro's younger sister. Futaro cares dearly for his sister and does his best to try and fulfill all her wishes.[7] He is also rather protective of her, as shown by when he rushes to her side when she's sick and willing to abandon his long-awaited school trip to take care of her.[8] Raiha also cares for her older brother a great deal, although she is not afraid to criticise him and correct his behaviour whenever he acts rude, specifically around the quints.[9] As a part of taking care of her brother, Raiha also cuts Futaro's hair.[10]

The Nakano Quintuplets[]

Futaro refers to the day he met the Nakano Quintuplets as a nightmare.[11] Futaro's goal is to make the sisters graduate without problems.[12] Futaro has a book called "The Quintuplets Graduation Plan", one of the content is the detail of Nakano Quintuplets' mock test results.[13] Early on the series, Futaro comments that dealing with all five sisters is hard.[14] Itsuki says as long as Futaro has love, he will be able to identify the sisters.[15] As time passes, Futaro changes as a person by spending time around the quintuplets, becoming aware that there are more things to the life of a student than just studying[16] and he eventually grows to love them all like family and takes pride in having been their tutor.[17]

Ichika Nakano[]

Ichika calls Fuutarou "Futaro-kun."[18] Ichika's first impression of Fuutarou is that "he's a bookworm who doesn't have a girlfriend."[19] Futaro's first impressions of Ichika is that she has "eyes that seem to see right through you."[20] They have both shown to be rather perceptive of each other, such as when Futaro was able to detect her fake smile[21] and when Ichika is able to tell how Futaro acts weird sometimes.[22]

Ichika initially had a pessimistic view towards the sisters' capability to study, making her reluctant to be tutored by him.[23] Her attitude lasted for quite some time until he helps Ichika to overcome her problems and made her closer to the sisters.[24] Ichika likes to tease Futaro, but he is rarely flustered by it[25]; Ichika actually finds herself flustered by his actions now and then[26]

Over time, Ichika ends up falling in love with Futaro because of the little things that he notices about her and remembers[27][28][29], but is reluctant to act on her feelings due to her awareness of Miku's feelings for him. She is further discouraged by Nino's bold confession to him[30] but after Yotsuba encourages her to do what she wants [31], she takes the wrong approach to winning over Futaro's love, using lies and deception and betraying Miku[32], despite having supported her sister's feelings initially. Eventually, Futaro himself calls her out harshly on her lies[33], although he then feels remorse over his actions and apologises to her.[34]


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It is revealed that she met Futaro in Kyoto five years ago before the start of the story but merely played cards with him during the night of that fateful day and therefore was not the actual girl who changed Futaro's life. Nevertheless, she began to fall for him thanks to the time they spent together in Kyoto.[35] Ultimately, she goes back to being the supportive big sister to Futaro and is the one who encourages him to make the decision to confess to one of the sisters.[36]

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Nino Nakano[]

Nino's first impression of Futaro is "someone persistent and not popular."[37] Futaro's first impressions of Nino is someone who is self-righteous.[38]

Nino labels Futaro as "dull-looking guy."[39] Yotsuba notices that Nino doesn't directly kick Futaro out of the house after the midterm exam.[40] Nino is antagonistic and openly rebels against Futaro since their first meeting.[41] She is seen boycotting Futaro's attempt to tutor the quints in several occasions.[42][43] Futaro notices that Nino is someone who "scheme."[44]

Over time, due to Futaro noticing Nino's other side as a caring sister, she began to accept him. After knowing her sisters' acceptance to Futaro, she defends Futaro against her father.[45] Nino is the only sister who rarely calls Futaro by his first or last name, using "you", "that guy", or other third-person nicknames. Despite the harsh treatment he gets from her, Futaro cares her just as much as the others and is always ready to help her when she's in trouble, even willing to "call" Kintaro, knowing that Nino wanted to see him.

Futaro tells Nino about Rena, their past, and the day's encounter with her to Nino after she brings him to her hotel.[46] Through her interactions with "Kintaro" and later Futaro as himself when they were alone, she realizes the reason for her hostility was that she was rejecting him due to his status as a mentor, not for his character or him "disrupting their family."

After Nino had initially confessed to Futaro, she often tries to get close to him as much as she can, including taking the same part timer job after the Nakano quintuplets decided to no longer live with their father's guide. She confesses to him again since he did not hear her the first time and admits that while she has not given him a reason to return her feelings so far, she would make him notice her. Since then, Nino has become much more flirtatious and direct with her feelings. She now refers to him as "Fuu-kun", much to Miku's displeasure.

Miku Nakano[]

Miku calls Futaro "Futaro."[47] Futarou's first impressions of Miku is that she is someone you can't get a read on.[48]

Miku initially rejects Futaro as a tutor because she's expecting someone better.[49] After Futaro found out about her secret interest in warlords, and appreciated it, Miku began to accept him, only to reject him again due to Futaro's lack of knowledge.[50] He spent a lot of effort in convincing her again, and successfully get her approval.[51] Futaro also motivate and inspire Miku to start studying, making her the second sister who accepts Futaro as a tutor.[52]

Due to Ichika's actions, Futaro almost doesn't think Miku holds romantic feelings for him and believes Miku supports the idea of him hooking up with Ichika. But he wants to ask what's the meaning of Ichika's whom he believes to be Miku's action on her because Futaro still feel vague about it.

Futaro later realizes and admits to Yotsuba that Miku does have feelings for him. In Kyoto, Miku gives Futaro some bread and is the first girl who Futaro talks about his mother to. When Miku confesses to him by pointing to things she likes around them before pointing at him, he smiles and replies with "I know." Before he can say anything further, Miku diverts his attention that she also likes her sisters, who were behind him watching the whole time. She playfully teases him about what she could have meant by saying she likes him, confusing him and causing him to say that you "don't mess with a guy like that" . Despite Futaro's confusion, Miku is confident he knows what she meant. During the school festival, she asks Futaro to a date, in which she tell him that instead of university, she will go to culinary school. Right after, she says that he is special to her "in a weird way," finally giving a direct confession.

Yotsuba Nakano[]

Yotsuba usually calls Futaro "Uesugi-san."[53] Her first impression of Futaro is "someone gloomy and doesn't have many friends"[54] and Futaro's first impression of Yotsuba is that she is a simpleton.[55]

Yotsuba is the only sister who accepted Futaro as a tutor from the very beginning[56]. This was likely due to her knowing and remembering him from the Kyoto trip five years before. She happily cooperated with him to help make her sisters accept him as a tutor. As they spent more time together, Futaro slowly changed and learned to appreciate other aspects of life such as having fun, which was shown during the test of courage and during the field trip, when he and Yotsuba scared people together[57] and he even wrote about his experiences with Yotsuba and her sisters in a diary, such as learning skiing from the former.[58]

Futaro and Yotsuba ended up going on a date together during Labour Thanksgiving Day, primarily because Raiha guilt-tripped her brother into getting a gift for Yotsuba to repay her for her help during the field trip.[59] After going to four different places during the date representing the other four sisters, Futaro found himself enjoying the date for the first time when he and Yotsuba went to her favourite place - the park - and the only time he was shown laughing in joy was when they played on the swings together.[60] Futaro is also shown to be more physically comfortable with Yotsuba than the other quintuplets, as he frequently grabs her ribbon when berating her and fixes them right after. Other instances of the two being touchy-feely include the time when Futaro was not afraid to cover her mouth with his hand to prevent her from being heard by the track team captain Eba and when he grabbed her by the shoulders in the ferris wheel when he got an idea about improving the quints' studying habits. He learns of some of her past issues[61] and is determined to help her out to overcome her problems with studying.

After the third year of high-school begins, Yotsuba nominated Futaro to be the class representative to get people to understand how great of a person Futaro is.[62] She additionally declared that whoever Futaro grew to love, she would support him wholeheartedly.[63][64]


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It is revealed that Yotsuba was the one who met Futaro five years prior to the story's beginning[65] and spent most of the fateful day with Futaro in Kyoto, finishing with the two of them making a promise to study hard for the people they love, Yotsuba's mother and Futaro's sister[66].

At the end of the Sunrise Festival, Futaro revealed that he loved Yotsuba and despite her efforts to run away from a future with him, she finally confessed her long-hidden love for him, much to Futaro's shock. The two of them later went on another date in which Futaro took her to three most important places to him and they eventually ended up at the park again, because of Yotsuba's importance to Futaro. After the chain on Futaro's swing broke as he attempted to jump off to beat her distance, he proposed to her and with a smile, she told him that it was a promise to make her childhood dream of becoming a bride come true. Five years later, Futaro married Yotsuba and shortly after their marriage, Yotsuba revealed to him that she kissed him under the bell five years prior, to which he blushes.[67][68]

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Itsuki Nakano[]

Itsuki is the first of the quintuplets that Futaro meets and quickly had a quarrel with, leading her to reject him as the sisters' tutor early on. Due to Futaro's consistent efforts, Itsuki began to notice the change on her and the sisters.[69] Itsuki usually compares her father to Futaro due to her mother's words.[70] She and Futaro develop each other's character, as they both overcome their stubbornness.[71][72] She knows more regarding Futaro than her sisters, being aware of his family's financial situation and is the first one he disclosed part of his past to. When Itsuki has a fallout with Nino due to Nino rejecting Futaro's efforts, she stays at Futaro's apartment due to her sisters not knowing where it is and she had nowhere else to go. During the Scrambled Eggs Arc, Itsuki is revealed to feel that their relationship is no longer that of partners, but to that of friends. When Futaro accepted this, she was overjoyed and quickly ran to the mixed bath he was in to join him, being embarrassed when she realized what she was doing.


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However as things went further, Itsuki slowly started to develop her feelings towards Futaro. Out of the sisters, she is the one who is most interested in his past. Later, she was revealed to have disguised herself with her childhood hairstyle and using the twins' mother's name, Rena to fool Futaro. She did it twice, the first one to learn more about Futaro and the second was because of her concern to her and his feelings towards the trip to Kyoto. But Futaro had learned about the truth of Rena during the second attempt, scolding Itsuki (yet, still calling her Rena) to stop playing around to be in the disguise as he had become tired of the quintuplets disguising habit to get in close to him. It is revealed she does know that the sister Futaro met five years ago was Yotsuba, but kept this from him due to Yotsuba's wishes. Out of her sisters, she is the only one to not kiss Futaro towards the end of the Sunrise Festival, instead saying her admiration towards him as a mentor. However, she does have moments of attraction and "love" to Futaro, such as when he offers to hold her hand at the pool slide. Nino also notes that Itsuki treats the love hexagon between the sisters and Futaro as if she were a bystander and not a participant, something she is embarrassed by.

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Futaro consider his feelings toward Rena as admiration and gratitude, something Nino thinks is instead love. While he didn't want Rena to see him and attempted to run away, he later spends time to talk with her. Following his realization that Rena was one of the quints, he tells her that he is annoyed at the sisters' usage of disguises to get closer to him. When Rena asks if he knows which of the quints she is, Fuutarou states that he doesn't care all too much, something she interprets as him not caring about her anymore.[73]

Other Characters[]

Takeda Yuusuke[]

At first Futaro was put off by Takeda talking to him in the school bathrooms. Takeda saw Futaro as his rival, despite Futaro not knowing who he is. Later they become enemies during the National Mock Exam arc as Takeda tries to take Futaro's job as tutor and Futaro responds by announcing that he will place in the Top 10 nationally.

Takeda eventually earns Futaro's respect and recognition as a rival when he refuses to cheat in the exams, and then talks of his dream to become an astronaut. After the arc they have formed a friendly relationship, and they form a group alongside Maeda in for the Kyoto school trip.




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