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Love? That is the stupidest, furthest removed act from academics. Anyone who wishes to engage in romance may do so. But, their life will peak when they are a student.

― Futaro Uesugi rants about high school love, Chapter 3

Futaro Uesugi (うえすぎ ふうろう, Uesugi Fūtarō?) is the main protagonist of the 5-toubun no Hanayome series. He is a student at Asahiyama High School who lives with his father, Isanari Uesugi, and younger sister, Raiha Uesugi, in a small apartment.

As a hardworking and highly intelligent student, Futaro excels academically and is at the top of his class. Due to financial difficulties faced by his family, he takes on the opportunity to serve as a tutor for the Nakano quintuplets.

Eventually, Futaro would marry one of the quintuplets, whose identity remains a mystery throughout the remainder of the series.


Futaro was born on April 15, 17 years prior to the start of the story. He grew up with his father, Isanari Uesugi and younger sister, Raiha Uesugi. His mother passed away when he was six years old.

Due to financial difficulties, Futaro and his family lived a frugal lifestyle and used to run a small cafe beneath their apartment. Without a mother, his sister took on the household responsibilities, including cooking. As a result of eating simple and inexpensive meals his entire life, he lacks the ability to distinguish between good and poorly cooked food. At the time of his wedding, his financial situation has not significantly improved.

Five years prior to the beginning of the story, Futaro went on a school trip to Kyoto and met a girl his age who inspired him to work hard and become a responsible adult who can support his family, especially his sister. He did not ask for the girl's name.

Futaro attends Asahiyama High School where he is known for his exceptional academic performance, regularly earning perfect grades. Despite his exceptional academic record, he has limited social interactions and only has his father and sister in his phone contacts.


Futaro is depicted as a young man with fair skin and black hair that is styled in a bowl cut with two strands sticking up from the back of his head. Nino Nakano comments on his hairstyle, calling it weird, to which he claims was cut by his sister, Raiha Uesugi. He has bangs that cover his forehead and his eye color varies across adaptation (blue in the anime's first season, yellow in the second season and in the manga). He has a slim physique and a tall build, although he tends to slouch at times.[3]

Futaro is often portrayed with a serious expression, giving off a scary and thuggish vibe, to which Miku Nakano referred to as the "face of a bad guy."​​​​​[4] Despite this, Nino develops a crush on him, including on a younger Futaro who had a delinquent-like appearance, despite initially dismissing Futaro's looks as being dull-looking."​​​​​[5]

Futaro typically wears the standard uniform of Asahiyama High School, both in and outside of school. The uniform includes a short-sleeved white shirt, dark blue trousers and a white belt. During cooler weather, he wears a light blue V-neck sweater, which is also part of the school uniform, over his shirt. For footwear, he typically wears black sneakers with white soles and laces for everyday wear. However, after the Labor Thanksgiving Arc, it has been revealed that he also wears high-top sneakers with similar coloring.

During School Field Trip Arc, he wore the clothes Nino picked for him. This includes a khaki parka jacket over a light-color mock turtleneck long-sleeved shirt, which appears black in the anime depiction. It is not shown whether he wore it again after the field trip. Since School Field Trip Arc, he started wearing the charm bracelet his sister gives him. However, this has not been clearly depicted after the arc due to him wearing long-sleeved top.

During Futaro's Flashback Arc, a hospitalized Futaro is seen wearing a set of plain pajamas, which he seems to use as nightwear. He wore this outfit again during the Seven Goodbyes Arc when he goes out for a night walk with Itsuki.

When disguised for the school trip's test of courage, he sports a blonde wig that looks spikier and slightly longer compared to his regular hairstyle ​("The Binding Legend: Day 2 ②")​. To disguise as Kintaro, he additionally wears a black long-sleeved V-neck shirt and white trousers during his visit to Nino's hotel room ​("The Seven Goodbyes ⑥")​. This clothing combination contrasts with his usual attire, where he has a light-colored top and dark-colored trousers.

In his childhood, Futaro sports a blonde, slick back and spiky hairstyle, much similar to the wig he wore when disguising as Kintaro. When Nino first meets Kintaro, she immediately notices the latter was the boy in the picture. He also wore an earring in his left ear, which he removed when he got older. During the Futaro’s Flashback Arc, a young Futaro wore a black hoodie, white trousers, and clogs.


According to Isanari Uesugi, Futaro used to be similar to his father as a kid with their wild personality and being bad at studying who lives a frugal lifestyle [6] and prefers solitude.[7] Someone comments that Futaro is always like that, trying to not associate with everyone.[8] Ichika Nakano remarks that Futaro is direct and doesn't mince words.[9] Yotsuba Nakano's first impression of Futaro is a gloomy and not-having-many-friends guy.[10] His facial expression is always serious, sometimes having a grumpy and annoyed look, and rarely blushes or gets flustered.[11][12] As he grows older, he becomes more of a study freak and grows more pompous and asocial. Despite his initial facade, he is actually a very caring person, especially towards his sister Raiha Uesugi.

Futaro is noted to have a big ego and high confidence.[13][14] He is straightforward, tactless, brutally honest and rude; but is actually capable of holding back his emotions.[15][16] Despite that, Futaro could momentarily lose his composure when agitated and faced with unfavorable circumstances.[17] He also initially did not like getting involved with other people's problems, finding them to be troublesome.[18] Despite his tactlessness, he is knowledgeable enough in knowing what to say in specific situations when thrown at him; rarely giving up when trying to achieve a specific objective.

Despite his egotistical nature, Futaro is very hardworking and has a very high amount of patience; especially when getting the attention of the quintuplets and tutoring them despite various amounts of failures and setbacks. He later on shows a sense of duty strong enough to help the quintuplets in their studies despite them not paying him immediately,[19] even though the money that came with tutoring was the initial reason he accepted the job. He also begins valuing their relationship to the point where he would do things outside of their tutor-student relationship which would later on bloom into a bond where they mutually support each other with little question. Despite being bad at sports and lacking a fair amount of stamina, he is rarely shown to be tired for the most part; able to work other part-time jobs besides tutoring; one being a helper in a pastry shop.

During his brief stint as Kintaro, he tried (albeit crudely) making him seem like a "bad boy", similar to who he was before.

Natural Abilities and Skills

Futaro is a smart student and ranked top among his peers. He acknowledges that his forte lies solely in studying.[20] He is able to score perfectly in various tests.[21] He got 100 in all 5 subjects during the Second Year Midterm Exam.[22] He also has an exceptional memory and excellent reading comprehension.[23] Futaro is able to absorb several dozens worth of books in three days.[24] His reason for studying is related to a young girl in his flashback.[25] Futaro is able to sleep while sitting straight with his eyes wide open.[26] Ichika Nakano's director notes that Futaro is the one who draws out Ichika's potential.[27] Futaro is shown to be not only academically shrewd, as he's able to get the most out of the cafe's menu, successfully trick a teacher with his plan, and getting the lazy and idiotic Nakano Quintuplets to start studying.[28][29]

Futaro acknowledges that human relations isn't his strong point.[30] He always tries to cut off relationships with others aside from family, that is why he doesn't have experience with confessions.[31] He is less adept with technology - he is unfamiliar with the internet's function[32] and that he is unfamiliar with Nakano Quintuplets' apartment lock system.[33]

Futaro has low physical endurance/stamina.[34] Miku Nakano and Futaro have almost equal physical endurance/stamina.[34] He once tried to piggyback Miku, but he lacks strength to do so [35] and this shows that Futaro has a low strength.[36]

Despite his poor social skills, he is able to see through a person's emotion and motivate them.[37][38] Initially, Futaro is unable to judge the names of the sisters since they're so similar, but later he is able to differ them by how they call him.[39][40] He is also capable of distinguishing the girls' based on their individual style of writing. Fuutarou is in a slump for quite some time, as he is affected by Nino Nakano's confession.[41]

Like Miku, Futaro is not good at cooking.[42] He is able to ride a motorcycle.[43] He once worked on a delivery job before, which was when he got his licenses.[43]

Notable Quotes & Dialogues


If one of you can do something, all of you can do it. Ichika, Nino, Yotsuba, Itsuki, and you too, Miku. I believe the potential to score 100 points rests within all five of you!

― Futaro motivating the quintuplets[no citation]

I'm gonna make sure all five of you graduate with a smile!

― Futaro motivating the quintuplet[no citation]

Sorry for dragging you around like this. Raiha has always been holding back due to our family's situation. I'm sure there's a lot more she wants to do. I want to fulfill all her wishes.

― Futaro explains to Itsuki about his devotions toward his sister

When I met that girl in Kyoto, I swore I'd become someone that somebody would need someday. That's why I've been studying.

― Futaro Uesugi to someone[no citation]

To be honest, I was shocked yesterday. I don't know why Rena appeared when she did, but... She did teach me one thing. There's no stopping people from changing. You have to just accept it and let go of the past. So you should make up with her and go home.

― Futaro talks about letting go of the past with Nino

The annoying thing about human relationships is that.. you can't proceed with just one side's opinion.

― Futaro to Nino about Maruo Nakano's (Nino's father) compulsion


Ichika Nakano: “Well, it'd just be a break from school. You know how I'm in a movie now thanks to your help? It's gotten to the point where I've started receiving offers for more work. I've already been absent from school a few times because of work. Other student actors also miss school fully aware they might be held back a year, or they transfer to another school that's more accommodating of their needs. And as you're well aware, I'm hopeless when it comes to academics. It's not like I have any regrets about high school... At least, that's what I'm thinking of... possibly doing...? [thinks to herself] And if I'm gone, then Miku will...
Futaro Uesugi: “It must be nice... to have found what you want to do.
Ichika Nakano: “Huh?
— Futaro's response to Ichika's reasons of quitting school for her actress career, Chapter 28
Futaro Uesugi: “I-I have some doubts about whether I can handle this...
Man on the phone: “Is that so? Your father tried in earnest to get this job but if that is the case, then I'm afraid, we'll have to pretend as if this talk never-
Futaro Uesugi: “But my doubts have all cleared up!! [yells out] I will have all your daughters graduate without problems!!
— Futaro exchanges about tutoring the quintuplets with their father, Chapter 2
Miku Nakano: “But everyone in my class liked handsome actors, beautiful models and such. On the other hand, my preferences are all old men with mustaches. I must be weird.
Futaro Uesugi: “] [to himself] Definitely weird! ...is what I could say...But.
Futaro Uesugi: “You're not weird at all! Believe in what you love!
— Futaro's opinion on Miku's hobby, Chapter 3
Futaro Uesugi: “Equality is all well and good, but we shouldn't reject everything that make us unique to achieve that. I don't want to invalidate her efforts. Rather than making everyone equals, let's be fair instead.
Miku Nakano: “'[recklessly hurts herself] Ow...
Futaro Uesugi: “Haha... what are you doing?
Miku Nakano: “Yeah, let's be fair.
— Futaro and Miku discuss equality and fairness, Chapter 29
Unnamed Male Nurse: “Were you worried about falling behind your studies? You're a prodigy who's at the top of your grade, aren't you? A short break should not be a problem for you then.
Futaro Uesugi: “You're right... I'll be fine, but... There's a group of idiots that I need to get back and tutor or they'll be in trouble.
— Futaro talks his motivations to tutor the the quintuplets, Chapter 33
Nino Nakano: “And I even said all those things during the midterm exams... I know I'm causing him trouble, but...
Futaro Uesugi, as Kintaro: “That's not true
Nino Nakano: “Of course it is! All he cares about is studying...
Futaro Uesugi, as Kintaro: “Who cares about the exams. I want the five of you to be together.
— Futaro discusses sisterly bonds with Nino as Kintaro, Chapter 44


  • The name Futaro means "wind, breeze, way, manner, blaster, gale, gust, sirocco, method" (風) (fu), "thick, big, great" (太) (ta) and "son, man" (郎) (ro).
  • Futaro is an Aries.
    • He believes in charms and horoscopes.[44]
  • Futaro's favorite meal is curry udon.[45]
  • The anime provides Futaro's contact details.
    • His phone number is 090-62149-31876
    • His email address is GeniusFutaro@hardbank.ne.jp
  • Futaro once had a piercing on his ear.[46]
  • Futaro's eye color has gone through two changes: black (manga), blue (first season) and yellow (second season).
    • The reason is because of the change of studios from first to second season.


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