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"The Binding Legend: Day 1" (結びの伝説1日目, Musubi no Densetsu Ichinichi-me?) is the ninth episode of the 5-toubun no Hanayome anime series.


The field trip is finally happening starting tomorrow. The surroundings were getting hyped with the legend of the campfire in which the pair who dance at the finale moment will be bound by fate for life. Meanwhile, Miku, who was asked to substitute for Ichika, had been confessed by a guy who thought she was Ichika.


Miku disguises as Ichika, refusing the confession and invitation of Maeda, a classmate of Ichika. Futaro arrives, and pretends to be “Ichika’s” boyfriend to defend her. Heartbroken, Maeda dares Futaro to dance with Ichika during the campfire in the camping trip, if they are truly dating. The trip is about to start, but before it begins, Raiha falls ill. To look after her, Futaro misses the school unit despite Raiha's speedy recovery. However, the quintuplets all want Futaro to go. As a result, the six take their private car to the destination. However, due to the poor weather conditions, they are stuck on the snowy road. Therefore, they have to stay in a hotel, where they have to sleep in the same room, which triggers the quintuplets a debate about who should sleep next to Futaro. To make it fair, the quintuplets all sleep alongside Futaro. The next morning, Ichika gets up quite early and is attracted by Futaro's sleeping appearance. She sits on her knees, bending down and gazing him. However, Itsuki sees them, but doesn't know the girl is Ichika, as the quintuplets all dress up similarly and thinks the girl is kissing Futaro.


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Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • Chapter 22
    • When Miku dresses up as Ichika to talk to some of her classmates in the anime, it is Ichika who gives her a wig to pull off the disguise. In the manga, Miku borrows a wig from Futaro, which is weird as to why Futaro would just have that on hand.
    • In the manga, before we learn that Raiha fell ill, we actually see her collapse in school while making a charm for Futaro. This is omitted in the anime.
  • Chapter 23
    • After Futaro decides to carpool with the quintuplets to go on the camping trip, in the manga, Nino sees the old picture of Futaro again after he drops his student handbook and remarks that she feels that she has seen him somewhere before. This is not in the anime.




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