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"The Picture That Started It All" (始まりの写真, Hajimari no Shashin?) is the eighth episode of the 5-toubun no Hanayome anime series.


Fuutarou, who ate too much Miku's homemade dishes had stomachaches. Itsuki and Nino just came. Fuutarou, who wants both of them to study tells Yotsuba to hold them off somehow. As a result of this, the troubled Yotsuba lied to them saying Fuutarou has a serious illness.


Futaro tries to urge Nino and Itsuki to stay at home to study, but a ruse he set up with Yotsuba is discovered, and both Nino and Itsuki angrily leave. Therefore, only Futaro and Yotsuba stay home, where Yotsuba subtly tells Futaro that she likes him. In the library, Ichika uses the handset photo which contains the fact that she has given Futaro a lap pillow to demand him to get all quintuplets' contact information. However, Futaro forgets to take his student handbook owing to the curiosity and care about Yotsuba's sudden leave, which is to decline the invitation of the school women's basketball team. To retrieve his student handbook back, Futaro goes to Nino's room, where Nino happens to see a photo of a blonde, tough looking guy, who unbeknownst to her, is actually Futaro five years prior. When asked about it, Futaro lies to her and tells her the picture is of a relative of his. Nino also reminds the quintuplets' childhood life and takes out the photos of their childhood. Multiple pictures show all five of the quintuplets looking exactly like each other, and they reminisce on how much they have changed since. As it turns out, one of the quintuplets encountered Futaro in that primary school's study tour in Kyoto five years prior, and is present in the other half of the folded picture in Futaro’s handbook.


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Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • Chapter 13 and 14
    • Most of the events in chapters 13 and 14 that occurred before the midterm exams were even mentioned, happened in episode 8 of the anime after the midterm exams, meaning things were rearranged. The way the manga was structured was better because of Futaro's relationship with the quints at that point. For example, Itsuki initially refusing to give Futaro her email address makes less sense in the anime because at this time, Futaro has an okay relationship with Itsuki and has already slept over at the quintuplets' place.
  • Chapter 14
    • In the anime, Raiha is shown the old picture Futaro has of himself. In the manga, Raiha doesn't get to see this because Nino has Futaro's student handbook since they attempted to exchange emails before then.
    • In the manga, after Nino kicks Futaro while he acts like he's going to pierce her ear, Nino threatens to pierce his ears. This does not happen in the anime.




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