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"Fuutarou the Lying Liar" (嘘つき嘘たろう, Usotsuki Usotarō?) is the seventh episode of the 5-toubun no Hanayome anime series.


After spending the night in the Nakano Family's Residence, Fuutarou Uesugi, Ichika Nakano and Yotsuba Nakano headed to the library, and after thinking back to his talk with Ichika causing him to head back where he discovered Itsuki Nakano sleeping. The two then made up for their previous fight as he begins teaching her.

On the day of the exams, the girls and Fuutarou were late and they used their ability to impersonate each other to sneak back in but Fuutarou gets caught. A few days after their exams had finished, Fuutarou asks for their exam results to which everyone could only pass their strongest subject. Maruo Nakano then calls in and as Fuutarou was about to reveal that he had failed his job, Nino Nakano grabs the phone and tells her father that they all had passed their subjects. Nino then tells Fuutarou to work harder to make it true as he began feeling more determined than ever to help the five of them pass all their tests.


Over breakfast, Itsuki bemoans her difficulties in getting along with Futaro after their recent fight; Ichika playfully suggests that she disguise herself as Miku to talk to him, and Nino soon joins in. In Miku's room, Futaro wakes to find himself next to a sleeping Miku; deducing her identity from her pajamas, he sneaks out of the room, only to find himself confronted by "Miku" (Itsuki in disguise). He is not fooled and quickly retreats, much to her chagrin. Futaro, Ichika and Yotsuba go to the library, where Ichika pretends to have left her pencil case at home to cover for Futaro going back to speak to Itsuki. He encounters Miku half-way and tells her that he slept on the living room floor, a lie to save them both from embarrassment. Finding a sleeping Itsuki, and noticing she is using Miku's headphones, Futaro addresses her as Miku, to get her to talk more openly. They both apologise for their fight. Futaro stays over for another night to help the quintuplets study for their midterm exams, which they almost miss by over-sleeping. They all manage to sneak in past the supervisor, by wearing Yotsuba's ribbon, who had arrived on time, making him believe the same girl is going in and out of the school. On their midterms, each quintuplet passes one subject out of five, and Futaro prepares to be fired as their tutor. However, much to everyone's surprise, Nino takes the phone and tricks their father by explaining that they collectively avoided failing all subjects (in that each of them passed a different subject) under Futaro's guidance, which is proof enough for him to keep Futaro as a tutor. With all of the quintuplets finally prepared to accept his tutoring, Futaro offers to take them for celebratory parfaits.


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Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • Chapter 19
    • Right before the midterm exams, while Futaro and the quintuplets were rushing to get to school in the manga, all of the quintuplets did something individually that wasted time, except for Yotsuba and Ichika. Nino tried to do her makeup, Miku helped an old lady across the street, and Itsuki let her hunger get the best of her. In the anime, however, Ichika is added to the quintuplets' antics by falling asleep on her way to school.
    • On their way to school in the manga, the quintuplets wasted more time before the midterm exams helping a foreign kid find his mother at the hospital. Miku was able to understand the word "hospital" in English, and Ichika was able to fully communicate with the kid in English to understand his problem. This was absent in the anime and was semi-important because it showed the fruits of Miku's labor studying with Futaro because English is not her strong subject.




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