Fuutarou the Lying Liar (嘘つき嘘たろう, Usotsuki Usotarō?) is the seventh episode of the 5-toubun no Hanayome anime series.


After spending the night in the Nakano Family's Residence, Fuutarou Uesugi, Ichika Nakano and Yotsuba Nakano headed to the library, and after thinking back to his talk with Ichika causing him to head back where he discovered Itsuki Nakano sleeping. The two then made up for their previous fight as he begins teaching her.

On the day of the exams, the girls and Fuutarou were late and they used their ability to impersonate each other to sneak back in but Fuutarou gets caught. A few days after their exams had finished, Fuutarou asks for their exam results to which everyone could only pass their strongest subject. Maruo Nakano then calls in and as Fuutarou was about to reveal that he had failed his job, Nino Nakano grabs the phone and tells her father that they all had passed their subjects. Nino then tells Fuutarou to work harder to make it true as he began feeling more determined than ever to help the five of them pass all their tests.


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