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"What They Have Accumulated" (積み上げたもの, Tsumiageta Mono?) is the sixth episode of the 5-toubun no Hanayome anime series.


The midterms are approaching fast and Fuutarou Uesugi is feeling desperate to teach the girls so that they could get all pass their exams. However, after a small fight with Itsuki Nakano and Nino Nakano rejecting him, Fuutarou was left unsure as to how to convince them to join the study group. However things get a whole lot worse after a call with Maruo Nakano (the Nakano Quintuplets' father) who told him that if any of his daughters were to fail their exams, he would be fired.

Later, Fuutarou accidentally reveals this to Nino, who was now more determined than ever to not study to ensure that gets fired as the question of: what type of girl Fuutarou likes, was brought up. Ichika Nakano, after managing to identify a change in Itsuki, discovers that the two had fought for real and tells him that there are things that only he can only do and that she believes in him to be able to perform it.


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