Everyone Divided in Five (全員で五等分, Zenin de Go Tōbun?) is the fifth episode of the 5Toubun no Hanayome anime series.


As the fireworks display was nearing its end, Ichika reveals her reasoning as to why she couldn't join her sisters to Fuutarou. Meanwhile, Fuutarou finally realises what his relationship between him and the Quintuplets are, partners as Ichika's true job as an actress gets revealed.

Fuutarou, who was helping Ichika with her script, tells her to stop hiding her true emotions behind a fake smile. With those words in mind, Ichika enters the audition for the movie. The two would then head to a nearby park as the sisters' were all playing small fireworks that Yotsuba had bought. The Go-toubun principle is described as they played the fireworks through the night.


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