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"Everyone Divided in Five" (全員で五等分, Zen'in de Gotōbun?) is the fifth episode of the 5-toubun no Hanayome anime series.


As the fireworks display was nearing its end, Ichika Nakano reveals her reasoning as to why she couldn't join her sisters to Fuutarou Uesugi. Meanwhile, Fuutarou finally realizes what his relationship between him and the Nakano Quintuplets are, partners as Ichika's true job as an actress gets revealed.

Fuutarou, who would then help Ichika with her script, tells her to stop hiding her true emotions behind a fake smile. With those words in mind, Ichika enters the audition for the movie. After that, Fuutarou brought her over to a nearby park where the sisters' were all playing small fireworks that Yotsuba Nakano had bought. They then began apologizing to each other for their respective mistakes through the night as the Go-toubun principle is described as they played with their fireworks.


In the alley, Ichika explains to Futaro that she got a call from work and will not be able to watch the fireworks with her sisters this year. She sees the moustached man from earlier and embraces Futaro so as to hide behind him. Futaro again dismisses the notion that he is friends with the quintuplets, which Ichika tells him is hurtful; Futaro feels guilty about Miku's earlier reaction, realising that he hurt her feelings. Meanwhile, the man searching for Ichika accosts Miku, mistaking her for her sister; Futaro stops him and declares defensively that he is the quintuplets' "partner", stunning both Ichika and Miku. The man turns out to be Ichika's agent, calling her a "talented young actress", revealing her secret job. Futaro tries to persuade Ichika to stay, but she has an important audition and insists on going. Instead, he helps her run lines, ironically reading the part of a professor to her thankful student. Ichika arrives late to her audition but wows the casting panel. When she returns, the festival is over, but Futaro brings her to the park, where her sisters are waiting for her with a mini-fireworks set. They forgive her for skipping out on their tradition. Ichika and Miku reach for the same sparkler (an implied metaphor for Futaro) but Ichika lets go, saying "seems like you're pretty attached", and tells Futaro she will co-operate more in study sessions.


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Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • Chapter 11
    • In the anime, when Ichika goes to the audition for "Class 3A's Kobayashi-Sensei," she shows up at the last second and almost misses it. In the manga, it seems that she made it on time as her name was called normally.




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