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"Today’s a Day Off" (今日はお休み, Kyō wa Oyasumi?) is the fourth episode of the 5-toubun no Hanayome anime series.


After getting paid for the very first time, Fuutarou Uesugi brings Raiha Uesugi, accompanied by Itsuki Nakano to the arcade for some fun. Later that evening, the Uesugi siblings were asked to join the Nakano Quintuplets to watch the fireworks at a festival. However, things don't go to plan as everyone gets lost. Meanwhile, Fuutarou tries to discover his relationship with the girls.


Futaro is studying at home when Itsuki arrives to give him his tutoring pay. Futaro attempts to refuse it because he has not succeeded at making all of them study. However, his sister Raiha persuades them both to take her out for a trip to the arcade, where they have fun and take pictures in a photo-booth. As the sun starts to set, they run into the other four quintuplets, who are all wearing yukata for the upcoming festival. Yotsuba invites Raiha to come see the fireworks with them, which Futaro agrees to, with the condition that they must first finish their schoolwork. Later, at the festival, Ichika flirts with Futaro but then takes a secretive phone call, while Yotsuba muses that Raiha would be her little sister if she were to marry Futaro one day. Miku explains to Futaro that watching the fireworks together is a special quintuplets tradition, as it reminds them of their deceased mother. Nino guides Futaro to a rooftop she had rented to watch the fireworks, but when the other girls fail to arrive, she reluctantly sends him to find them. He finds Ichika first, but is sent away by a moustached stranger. Bemused, Futaro next encounters Miku, who has injured her foot. They are mistaken for a couple by two women taking a survey, and Futaro unknowingly upsets Miku by denying that they are even friends. Spotting Itsuki, Futaro runs to catch up with her, but is quickly dragged into an alley by Ichika, where she kabe-dons him and asks him not to tell the others about their earlier encounter.


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Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • Chapter 9
    • The time spent between Yotsuba and Raiha during the festival was expanded on a little more in the anime, as Raiha gave Yotsuba her candy apple after hearing her growling stomach.




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