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"Plenty of Problems" (問題は山積み, Mondai wa Yamazumi?) is the third episode of the 5-toubun no Hanayome anime series.


Fuutarou Uesugi heads to the Nakano Family's Residence once again where he meets Miku Nakano, who lets him enter. As soon as he tries to teach the four, Nino Nakano steps into the picture and makes everyone, but Miku leaves. After realizing he had left something in the apartment, he enters and soon finds himself in a compromising situation with Nino after saving her from getting hurt. Fuutarou then learns the reason about Nino's distrust towards him after a short conversation between them.


Futaro arrives for the quintuplets' next tutoring session, but as they are about to study, Nino appears and sends away Yotsuba, Ichika and Itsuki, much to the annoyance of both Futaro and Miku. Nino challenges Miku to a cooking competition, on the condition that they will stop studying if Nino wins. Nino's dish turns out much better-looking than Miku's, but Futaro still judges the contest to be a draw, endearing him further to Miku. Futaro leaves, but quickly realises that he has left his flash cards, so he is allowed back in the apartment by Miku. However, he encounters a towel-clad Nino, who mistakes him for Miku without her contact lenses. She vents her anger at Futaro disrupting their sisterly unity, and unsettles a pile of books on a high shelf; Futaro rushes to protect her from the falling books, but is then caught in a compromising position by Itsuki, who takes a picture of them. The other sisters return home and convene a court-like meeting to decide if Futaro should continue as their tutor after the incident. Miku helps Futaro protest his innocence, and after examining Itsuki's photograph further, so do Ichika and Itsuki. Nino remains unimpressed, but leaves, upset at a comment from Ichika. She locks herself out but, too stubborn to ask the others to be let back in, ends up talking to Futaro, denying his accurate observations about her defensiveness of her sisters. She declares that she won't accept him, regardless of her sisters' protestations.


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Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • Chapter 5
    • When Futaro leaves the Nakano residence in the manga, he needs to go back because he forgot his wallet. In the anime, he forgets his flash cards.




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