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"Sisters War: Part 2" (シスターズウォー 後半戦, Shisutāzu Wō Kōhansen?) is the twelfth and final episode of the second season of the 5-toubun no Hanayome anime series. It is the twenty-fourth episode overall followed by a feature movie coming on May 20th, 2022.



Miku admits to Nino that she's scared she's not good enough for Futaro, but says that she has not given up yet. Ichika, disguised as Miku, asks Futaro about meeting Rena six years ago. She invites him for a walk down the same pathway him and "Rena" took all those years ago, but it begins to rain. After reminiscing, Futaro stops her, explaining that he knows that she is Ichika, and that she was the "Miku" from before too and he's done playing her games. She tells him she's actually "Rena", but Futaro doesn't believe her, calls out her lies and storms off angry, leaving Ichika devastated by herself. The next day, all students will be divided into 5 activities, and the girls agree to go on different activities, leaving to luck who will go to the same as Futaro. Knowing which course Futaro is taking, Ichika, wanting to redeem herself for what she did, gets Miku to take it. However, as they arrive, they all realize they took the same activity as Futaro, in order to help Miku. Nino apologizes to Ichika, stating she would have done the same thing she did and the two reconcile. Futaro and Miku both sit by themselves on a bench, as the sisters hide behind a wall behind them, overhearing what they say. Miku begins pointing at different historical structures around them, exclaiming that she loves them, before presumably pointing at Futaro and saying "I love you". Ichika, Nino, Itsuki and Yotsuba all embrace while crying, happy to see Miku finally succeed. However, Miku reveals that she wasn't actually pointing at Futaro, but rather at her sisters behind, knowing they were there the whole time. Massively confused, Futaro walks away, wondering what to believe. Miku thanks the girls and they reconnect, while Ichika tearfully apologizes to Miku for what she did. Later, when Ichika also apologizes to Futaro, she kisses him on the cheek and says everything was "a lie". Five years later, as the sisters look through a photo album, Futaro and the bride are about to seal their vows with a kiss. One of the sisters reveals that the couple had their first kiss while staying at their grandfather's inn. Privately, Futaro reminisces about that same day when "she" became special to him, revealing the moment when one of the quints, dressed as Itsuki, had tackled and kissed him under the Bell of Vows, causing it to ring.




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