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"Welcome to Class 3-1" (ようこそ3年1組, Yōkoso 3-nen 1-kumi?) is the ninth episode of the second season of the 5-toubun no Hanayome anime series. It is the twenty-first episode overall.



The quintuplets look for jobs to help support Ichika for the rent. Miku and Nino compete for an opening at the bakery where Futaro works. They decide via a cook-off, which Nino easily wins. Miku applies to work at the neighboring bakery as she simply likes to bake. At the start of their third year, the quintuplets are placed in the same class as Futaro, where they're questioned by their curious classmates. Yotsuba volunteers herself and Futaro to be class reps. Futaro inadvertently teaches the other classmates how to tell the siblings apart, by explaining their defining accessories. Miku hopes to find Futaro the perfect birthday gift. At the bakery, Nino tries to adjust to the hectic workload, while dealing with her relationship with Futaro, who's been keeping his distance, despite her newfound friendliness. Futaro admits that his nervousness is because he's never had someone confess to him before. Nino tells that she will do anything in her power to prove her love, calling him "Fu-kun", a nickname Miku had previously invented. A jealous Ichika tries to spend more time alone with Futaro. After school, Ichika wears Miku's signature headphones, and Futaro mistakes her for Miku. Ichika uses this opportunity to tell Futaro as "Miku" that Ichika likes him, and that they would be a good couple, much to his surprise.


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