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"Scrambled Eggs" (スクランブルエッグ, Sukuranburu Eggu?) is the eighth episode of the second season of the 5-toubun no Hanayome anime series. It is the twentieth episode overall.



Futaro attempts to guess the identity of the fake Itsuki from the first night. However, he's unable to tell the sisters apart, so he talks privately with each, until Yotsuba gives herself away. She explains the shock she caused their grandfather when she was the first to begin dressing differently, so the girls assume Itsuki's appearance whenever they visit him, as he preferred when they all looked the same. In the hot springs, Nino tells Ichika that she plans to do her best to win Futaro's love, even if it means trampling others in the process. Ichika, similarly infatuated with Futaro, attempts to stop her, but is helpless against her confidence. Futaro asks the innkeeper how to tell the girls apart. He tells him that there's no trick, just love. Their grandfather simply pays attention to the voices and mannerisms of the girls. Nino plans to meet alone with Futaro, and she asks Ichika for help distracting her father. Yotsuba finds Ichika crying in the rooftop. Yotsuba advises her to do what she wants do, and have no regrets. Ichika fails to distract their father, who discovers Nino in her and Futaro's meeting spot. The following morning, Futaro meets with Miku, disguised as Itsuki. He first identifies her as Ichika, deeply upsetting her, causing her to turn to leave. However, Futaro then correctly identifies her as Miku, after noticing her clenching of fists. Delighted, Miku runs and embraces Futaro. As the vacation ends, the innkeeper asks Futaro to tell his granddaughters to be true to themselves. Futaro goes to check on the Bell of Vows, which, similar to the campfire, has a legend stating that couples that ring the bell will be together forever. Suddenly, an unseen girl running towards him tackles him to the ground, causing the bell to ring.


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