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"Confession on the Rooftop" (屋上の告白, Okujō no Kokuhaku?) is the second episode of the 5-toubun no Hanayome anime series.


After discovering that the girls' were all potential flunkers, Fuutarou Uesugi tries getting them to open up to him more, which abruptly fails before discovering that Miku Nakano (one of the Quintuplets) managed to answer the question he had asked on a recent test he had them do. After receiving a letter from the said girl, Uesugi discovers the girl's hidden love for the Sengoku period warlords.

Overcoming a small problem that had arose, Miku finally accepts Useugi's offer and joins Yotsuba Nakano for his tutoring.


At their next tutoring session, Futaro (in response to how hostile the quintuplets are to the idea of having him as a tutor) challenges them to take a test, assuring them that if they pass, he will never speak to them again. They all fail, achieving only 100 between the five of them. The next day, he asks them a history question that none of them can answer — only, he notices that Miku answered that question correctly on her test. He tries to ask her about it, but they are interrupted by Yotsuba and Ichika, who embarrass Miku by talking about crushes and conclude that she is in love. Futaro finds a note from Miku inviting him to the roof, and upon arriving, briefly misinterprets her admission about the earlier question as being a love confession. He discovers her interest in history (specifically Japanese warlords), and she tries catch him out with an obscure reference, even going as far as to "disguise" herself as Yotsuba when running from him. Futaro presents her with her favourite soda as a peace offering, and upon revealing to Miku that her test score was the highest out of the 5, he also realizes each of them got different questions correctly. He uses this as encouragement, refusing to give up on a despondent Miku. Miku then joins Futaro and Yotsuba in the library for a study session.


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Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • Chapter 4
    • As Miku was running away from Futaro, there is an anime-only scene where they passed by some of their classmates, one of whom included Nino.




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