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"Begin the Offensive" (攻略開始, Kōryaku Kaishi?) is the seventh episode of the second season of the 5-toubun no Hanayome anime series. It is the nineteenth episode overall.



Nino has gone to talk to Maruo, who acknowledges their accomplishment and accepts Futaro's success as a tutor, but also pleads for the quintuplets to return to the apartment, which Nino refuses to do. Futaro arrives on his boss's motorbike to pick her up. On the ride to the restaurant, Nino gathers her courage and softly tells Futaro that she loves him. After the celebration, Nino speaks to Futaro about their encounter. When she realizes that he didn't hear her confession, Nino, unaffected, reiterates to Futaro her affection, shocking him. Ichika accidentally overhears, and realizes Nino is getting ahead in the "race" for Futaro's love. Futaro wins a trip to Toraiwa Hot Springs, bringing along his father and Raiha. He quickly runs into the Nakano quintuplets, who've come with their father for a family vacation. Futaro starts seeing Itsuki everywhere, though in reality all of the sisters are dressed as Itsuki, unbeknownst to him. Futaro finds a note telling him to meet in the garden at midnight, which he assumes is from Itsuki. Later, one of the sisters tells Futaro they should end their relationship. Futaro learns that the innkeeper is the girls’ grandfather. The next morning, Itsuki calls Futaro to ask why he never showed up. They agree to meet at the mixed baths to talk. Their chat is interrupted by Nino, who wants to join Futaro in the bath, but leaves upset when he doesn't recognize her. Futaro speaks about how they've all changed since they met him. Itsuki tells him that he's no longer just their tutor, but a friend.


Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • When Nino rides with Fuutarou on the manager's motorbike, she wears a spare helmet. In the manga she's forced to ride without a helmet (which is illegal due to safety).
  • The conversation between Itsuki and Fuutarou at the hot springs is interrupted by Nino coming to bathe with Fuutarou, which doesn't happen in the manga.




Commemorative Illustration[]