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"The Last Exam" (最後の試験, Saigo no Shiken?) is the sixth episode of the second season of the 5-toubun no Hanayome anime series. It is the eighteenth episode overall.



Futaro is determined that all of the quintuplets will pass their final exams. The day finally arrives, and the sisters recall everything they went through over the course of two months to get to that day. Miku has been practicing chocolate-making for Valentine's Day to give chocolate to Futaro, and Ichika convinces Nino to help her with it. While visiting her mother's grave, Itsuki meets with Shimoda, a former student of Rena Nakano who decided to follow her footsteps. Shimoda explains that despite Rena's relentless scolding in school, everyone, including herself, greatly admired her. Shimoda offers to support Itsuki should she decide to pursue a career in teaching like her mother did. Later, Ichika tricks Futaro into going to the library to keep him away while Miku and Nino make chocolates. Futaro decides they should take a day off for a trip to an amusement park. Yotsuba separates herself from the group and Futaro finds her trying to study inside a cabin in the Ferris Wheel. Yotsuba reveals to Futaro that they all used to attend a prestigious school, but they were warned of the consequences when they began to fail. All sisters then took remedial exams, but only Yotsuba failed them. In solidarity, all the sisters declined re-entry into the school to stay behind with her. Futaro realizes that the quintuplets can help each other with their individual areas of academic expertise, and creates a new study plan. Before the exams, Miku reveals to Ichika that she intends to reveal her feelings to Futaro if she gets the highest scores. All of the quintuplets pass their final exams, and reunite in the bakery to reveal their results. Miku is stunned to learn that it was Ichika who got the highest score, two points ahead of her. Futaro decides to search for Nino, who has left, so they all can celebrate together.


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