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"Good Work Today" (今日はお疲れ, Kyō wa Otsukare?) is the fifth episode of the second season of the 5-toubun no Hanayome anime series. It is the seventeenth episode overall.



Maruo recalls when Futaro called him out for being a neglectful father, the day he expressed his resignation. In the present, Futaro and Raiha meet with the Nakano sisters for New Year. While discussing on how they'll eventually pay him, the sisters surprise Futaro by having finished their winter homework without being asked. Nino reveals that Ichika has been working in multiple acting roles in order to keep a steady income, and discuss the possibility that they should all be getting part-time jobs themselves. However, Futaro suggests they should focus on studying for the time being. While searching for a job, Itsuki gets a phone call from her father. Futaro later accompanies Yotsuba and Nino to buy groceries. Nino is conflicted about her feelings for Futaro. On the way back, they overhear their father and Itsuki talking in a nearby café. Maruo wants them to go back to their apartment, but Itsuki refuses. Yotsuba intervenes, and they make a deal: if the girls pass all their final exams, Futaro will be allowed back in the apartment and re-hired as their tutor, but if they fail, they will transfer schools again.


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