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"Seven Goodbyes Part 3" (七つのさよなら 第三章, Nanatsu no Sayonara Daisanshō?) is the fourth episode of the second season of the 5-toubun no Hanayome anime series. It is the sixteenth episode overall.



While Futaro, Ichika and Itsuki try to find a way to get Yotsuba out of the track club, Nino and Miku talk about Futaro. After Itsuki fails to trick the track club captain dressed as Yotsuba, Nino arrives to do it, revealing that she cut her hair. Yotsuba chooses to confront the track club herself, while Nino and Itsuki reconcile. With the sisters finally reunited, the study sessions resume. After unsuccessful results, Futaro offers to give them some cheating papers as a last resort. The day of the exams arrives. The next day, Ebata, the Nakanos' personal driver, informs the girls that Futaro has quit his tutoring job and is banned from entering the building, so he will take over temporarily. The girls open up the cheating papers Futaro left for them to discover a farewell message. The sisters realize they don't want to lose Futaro and ask Ebata for help. The girls surprise Futaro at his job and reveal that they have moved to a modest residence so Futaro can tutor them until the end. After the sisters toss their apartment keycards over a bridge, Futaro jumps into the water trying to catch them. The sisters jump in to save him, though Nino has Futaro rescue her instead. Futaro finally decides to cut ties with his past and Rena, and agrees to continue tutoring the girls voluntarily.


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